Opioids are pain-killing depressants which may also cause euphoria.

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4-MeO-Butyrfentanyltentativeresearch chemicalopioidhabit formingRare and basically unknown opioid and fentanyl analogue (not to be confused with Butyrfentanyl). Virtually no reliable information exists, safe dosages are unknown. Exercise extreme caution. Overdose may result in respiratory depression. Do not mix with stimulants or depressants.4-meo-bf
6-MDDMopioidhabit formingtentativedepressant Semisynthetic opioid that is a derivative of Hydromorphone with little history of human use. Roughly around ~80x the potency of Morphine. Structurally related to Desomorphine.6-methylenedihydrodesoxymorphine
Acetylfentanylopioidresearch chemicalhabit formingdepressant Acetyl-Fentanyl is an opioid analgesic substance that is an analogue of Fentanyl. It's potency is roughly ~6.67 times that of Morphine. Making it ~15 times less potent than its parent compound Fentanyl.acetyl-fentanyl,a-f
Acrylfentanylopioidresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativedepressant A rare opioid and Fentanyl analogue (not to be confused with acetyl-Fentanyl), this drug is a powerful and potent analgesic. Little reliable information exists, even for basic usage such as dosage. Exercise extreme caution. Overdose may result in respiratory depression. Do not mix with depressants or stimulants. Potentially neurotoxic and carcinogenic.
AH-7921opioidresearch chemicalhabit formingdepressant Opioid analgesic that is selective for the μ-opioid receptor. It has around 80% the potency of Morphine when taken orally.ah7921
BENZODIOXOLE-FENTANYLopioiddepressant research chemicaltentativeAn analogue of Fentanyl that is not found in literature.
Bromadolopioiddepressant habit formingtentativeA very potent opioid that has an arylcyclohexylamine structure. Intial studies estimated that it was ~10,000x Morphine in animal studies. However that value has since decreased to ~504 times the potency of Morphine for the trans-isomer.bdpc
Buprenorphineopioidhabit formingdepressant A semi-synthetic opioid analgesic also known as subutex. Often administered as Butrans patches, or in combination with Naloxone as Suboxone, a Heroin replacement therapy drug. Will cause withdrawals if you have an opioid tolerance and DON't wait long enough (typically around 48 hours) before taking this.suboxone,subs,bupe
Butyrfentanylopioidresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativedepressant Potent short-acting opioid and Fentanyl analogue. Often dispensed in a nasal spray. This is an highly potent drug - exercise extreme caution. May cause respiratory depression and death in overdose.bf,b-f
Clonitazeneopioidhabit formingdepressant research chemicalAn opioid that is roughly three times as potent as Morphine. Is related to Etonitazene, which is about 1000-1500x the potency of Morphine.
Codeineopioidhabit formingdepressant commonCodeine is a weaker opioid used to treat mild to moderate pain and to relieve cough. In many countries it is available over the counter in combination with paracetamol, which can easily be extracted to retrieve near-pure Codeine. For this reason, it is used widely as a recreational opioid. It is metabolised into Morphine in the body at a rate of 5% mg for mg.
CYCLOPENTYL-FENTANYLopioidtentativeresearch chemicaldepressant habit formingAn analogue of Fentanyl that is unknown in literature, seems to be less potent than its former being Acetyl-Fentanyl. Yet reports have yet to surface. Be careful.cp-f,cpf
Pethidineopioidhabit formingdepressant A phenylpiperidine opioid first synthesised by Otto Eisleb in 1939, better known by the names meperidine and pethidine. An analgesic, once widely prescribed it has since declined in usage due to the discovery of a toxic metabolite - norpethidine. Also reacts dangerously with many drugs.pethidine,meperidine
Dextropropoxypheneopioiddepressant habit formingAn opioid analgesic that is an optical isomer of levopropoxyphene. Used to treat mild pain and often used for its antitussive properties. It has been taken off the market in Europe and US due to concerns of health issues relating to the Kidney, Liver, Heart and Respiratory Disorders. Just a bit stronger than Tramadol.darvocet,co-proxamol,coproxamol,capadex,di-gesic
Dihydrocodeineopioidhabit formingdepressant A weak semi-synthetic opioid analgesic and antitussive (anti-cough) drug. Often sold as a syrup in combination with Aspirin or paracetamol. Not to be confused with the slightly less potent Codeine.dhc
Dipipanoneopioiddepressant habit formingdepressant A powerful opioid of equivalent strength to Morphine, rarely seen outside of medical environments. Often used to treat severe pain where Morphine is contraindicated. Usually found in combination with the antihistamine Cyclizine, which potentiates it.diconal
Ethylmorphineopioidhabit formingdepressant A medium-strength opioid analgesic and analogue of Morphine. Considered less potent than Morphine but more potent than Codeine, and has been used in Germany for this reason. Said to have a 'ceiling' effect where no more euphoria occurs with increased dosage. Under investigation as a maintainance drug in opioid dependence therapy.
Fentanylopioidhabit formingdepressant Fentanyl is a synthetic opiate analgesic with a rapid onset and short duration of action. It is a strong agonist at the μ-opioid receptors and is historically used to treat breakthrough pain. Fentanyl is approximately 100 times more potent than Morphine, and is commonly used as a patch. Sometimes used as an adulterant for Heroin, which has led to many overdose deaths.fent
Furanylfentanylresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeopioiddepressant An extremely potent opioid analgesic and analogue of fentanyl. Concrete information is difficult to obtain about even basic properties like active dose, though it is believed to be slightly less potent and shorter in duration than Butyrfentanyl. Exercise extreme caution. Will cause respiratory depression in overdose.fu-f,furanyl-fentanyl
Glaucineopioidhabit formingdepressant tentativeAn alkaloid that is found in several different scpecies in the Papaveraceae family. It has antiinflammatory and antitussive effects. Can also be referred to as Yellow Horned Poppy.
Heroinopioidhabit formingdepressant commonA powerful opioid derived from Morphine, with 2-4x its potency. Infamous for a high addiction potential and fatal respiratory depression in overdose, C. R. Alder Wright first synthesised this compound in 1874 trying to find a less addictive alternative to Morphine. In recent years, it has often been sold cut with the extremely potent Fentanyl, causing a spike in overdose deaths.diamorphine
Hydrocodonedepressant opioidhabit formingdepressant commonA Codeine-derived opioid generally unheard of outside the United States. Generally mild in effects, used as an analgesic and cough-supressant. Sometimes used recreationally.vicodin,hydro
Hydromorphoneopioidhabit formingdepressant An opioid that is roughly 5x the potency of IV Morphine. Only comes in IR tablets in the US, and is given mostly as XR in other countries. It is frequently used in hospitals for short, but immediate pain relief during procedures requiring the patient to be awake. Also frequently used as a recreational opiate.dilaudid,diluadid
Ibogainepsychedelicopioiddissociativedepressant An alkaloid found in many African plants most famously Iboga, with psychedelic and hallucinogenic properties. May be unpleasant. Traditionally used in tribal environments for coming-of-age rituals, it has recently been used as an alternative treatment for drug addiction although this usage has not been backed by conclusive data in humans. Has killed in overdose.iboga
Isomethadoneopioidhabit formingtentativedepressant Once a pharmaceutical drug also known as isoamidone, this opioid analgesic and Methadone analogue was withdrawn from the market and is seldom seen today. Rarely abused, though reports state it is around twice as potent as Methadone, and more euphoric.
Ketobemidoneopioidhabit formingdepressant An opioid analgesic drug that also acts as an NDMA antagonist. Found to be as potent as Morphine in physical side effects, and has high potential for addiction like all opioids do. Overdose may lead to respiratory depression/death. Do not mix with CNS depressants or stimulants. Caution should be used for asthmatic users.kbd
Kratomopioidstimulanthabit formingdepressant commonA drug made out of the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa, which is related to coffee. Stimulating at lower doses, with opioid effects at higher doses. Frequent heavy use can cause physical addiction and withdrawals.
Methadoneopioidhabit formingdepressant commonA synthetic opioid drug used as an analgesic and is often used in detoxification off of other opioids. As it has a much longer half-life.
METHOXYACETYL-FENTANYLdepressant research chemicalhabit formingopioidA quite potent Fentanyl analogue.maf,desfluoroocfentanil
Morpheridineopioiddepressant habit formingtentativeIs a 4-Phenylpiperidine derivative that is related to Pehidine. It is roughly 4x as potent as the parent compound, does not cause convulsions such as Pethidine.
Morphineopioidhabit formingcommondepressant The prototypical opioid drug, a powerful analgesic with euphoric qualities, found in the seeds and wax of the plant papaver somniferum (Opium poppy). First isolated by Friedrich Sertürner in 1805, named for its sleep-inducing qualities. Do not combine with other depressants, may cause dangerous respiratory depression in overdose.
MT-45opioidresearch chemicalhabit formingdepressant A synthetic opioid drug that was rumoured to be roughly 80% the potency of Morphine orally. Was created by Dainippon Pharmaceutical in the 1970's. It has been used as a lead compound for the design of related substances. It has been associated with hearing loss and hair loss. Structurally unrelated to most other opioid drugs. Treat with caution, especially long term use.ic-6,mt45
Nicomorphineopioiddepressant habit formingtentativeOpioid agonist that is 2-3x the potency of Morphine. Is used in few countries. Rapid onset of effects, due to the increased lipid solubility.
O-Desmethyltramadolopioidresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativedepressant A opioid analgesic which is the main active metabolite of Tramadol. Alone, it is a few times more potent than Tramadol and has additional affinity for δ and κ-opioid receptors. Has proven popular when sold, but these occasions have been rare due to patent rights.odt,o-smt,o-dsmt
Opiumopioidhabit formingdepressant commonOpium is a naturally occurring analgesic harvested as a latex from ripe Papaver somniferum (Opium poppy) pods. The sap of the poppy plant primarily contains Codeine and Morphine with the amounts varying by plant, which can be made into a tea and consumed raw, or further processed.O
Oxycodoneopioidhabit formingdepressant commonA semisynthetic opioid analgesic developed in 1917, prescribed primarily for pain management. It has become extremely popular as a recreational drug in some areas, and carries a high potential for addiction. Reported as being a little more 'stimulating' than other opioids.oxy,oxycontin,percocet,oxynorm
Oxymorphoneopioidhabit formingdepressant A powerful semisynthetic opioid analgesic also known as opana. A derivative of Morphine it is approximately ten times as potent. Has a low oral bioavailability, and as such it is usually insufflated or taken rectally.opana,stopsigns
Dextromoramideopioidhabit formingdepressant Dextromoramide, a rare and powerful opioid analgesic approximately three times as potent as Morphine with a shorter duration. Generally only seen in the Netherlands. Reported as having strange and rapid tolerance behaviour.dextromoramide
4-Fluorobutyrfentanylopioidresearch chemicalhabit formingdepressant Rare, little known and extremely potent RC analogue of Fentanyl. This powerful opioid is generally only dispensed as a nasal spray. Handle with extreme caution and never mix with other depressants.pfbf,4-fluorobutyrfentanyl,4-fbf
Parafluorofentanylopioiddepressant habit formingtentativeRare, little known and extremely potent analogue of Fentanyl developed by Janssen Pharmaceutica in the 1960s. Use with extreme caution and never mix with other depressants.pff,4-fluorofentanyl
Pentazocinehabit formingdepressant opioidA synthetic opioid used as an analgesic. It is only used IM and IV in the medical field and has respiratory depressant effects. It is pregnancy category C and schedule IV in the US.talwin
Propoxypheneopioiddepressant habit formingIs an analgesic in the opioid family. It is intended for mild pain and for its antitussive effects. Has been taken off the market in Europe and the US due to concerns of fatal overdoses and heart arrhythmias.
PSTopioiddepressant habit formingPoppy Tea can be made from poppy pods, stalks and seeds, and contains various Opium alkaloids including primarily Morphine, as well as Codeine and others. There is great variation in Poppy Tea potency and therefor doses are indicated for opioid naive users.poppy-seed-tea,poppy-tea
Sufentanilopioiddepressant habit formingAn synthetic analgesic drug that is roughly between 5-10x the potency of it's parent drug, (Fentanyl); It's use is very contained to surgery and post-operative pain.
Tapentadolopioidhabit formingdepressant An opioid analgesic drug with potency somewhere between Tramadol and Morphine, and with a similar action to Tramadol. Also an adrenergic reuptake inhibitor. High addiction potential. Potential for respiratory depression in overdose. Should not be combined with depressants or stimulants.
TETRAHYDROFURAN-FENTANYLopioidhabit formingdepressant research chemicalAn analogue of Fentanyl that is unknown in literature. Is most likely less potent than most other analogues. Yet very few reports are around. Be careful.thf-f,thff
Tianeptinehabit formingdepressant opioidA Tricyclic antidepressant, that has quite unique pharmacological properties than others in its class. Such as the possible indirect action on NMDA/AMPA and a full agonist at the μ-opioid receptor. While abuse of this substance is uncommon, it has been shown in a few countries.
Tilidineopioidhabit formingdepressant Synthetic opioid, used mainly for treatment of moderate to severe pain. In some countries it's mixed with Naloxone to lower the abuse liability. Though in some only Tilidine. Roughly 0.2 - 1 on the potency scale to Morphine. (So 20mg's of Morphine to 100mg's Tilidine)tilidate,tilidin,valoron,valtran
Tramadolopioidhabit formingdepressant commonA synthetic opioid analgesic, Tramadol is used to treat moderate pain and can be considered a medium-strength opioid. Tramadol also has the unusual effect of being a serotonin releasing agent and a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, and as a consequence should not be taken in excess due to the risk of serotonin syndrome. Risk of seizures above 300mg doses.tram
U-47700opioidresearch chemicalhabit formingdepressant A µ-opioid receptor agonist that is related to AH-7921. Having a very short duration.u47700
U-49900opioiddissociativeresearch chemicaltentativeA substance that is an analogue of U-47700, yet doesn't share much with it. If you are interested in trying it, I recommend reading this. https://www.reddit.com/r/researchchemicals/comments/5gbo3e/u49900_experiment_and_warning/
U-51754tentativeopioiddissociativedepressant research chemicalA very potent opioid, that seems to have a fair bit of κ-opioid action. So Dyshopria, Auditory hallucinations can be an effect. Is an analogue of U-47700.methene-u47700,methene-u-47700
Valerylfentanylopioiddepressant research chemicaltentativehabit formingOpioid that is a higher homologue of Butyrfentanyl with greatly reduced potency.vf
W-15opioidresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativedepressant A potent opioid that is 5.4x more potent than Morphine. Has a distinct structure unrelated to nearly all other opioid compounds.

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