Drugs marked as tentative are those our team wasn't able to find much reliable information about. This is often because the drug is very new. Information listed under these drugs should not be entirely trusted.

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1B-LSDtentativeresearch chemicalpsychedelic1B-LSD (1-butanoyl-lysergic acid diethylamide) is an LSD analogue which appears to be about as potent as 1P-LSD (slightly more potent than LSD) and has a slightly shorter duration than that of LSD, again thought to be about the same as 1P-LSD. Released in late 2018, and marketed agressively as a replacement for 1P-LSD. 1B-LSD does not yet have a clearly established safety profile,1b
1P-ETH-LADpsychedelictentativeresearch chemicalA new psychedelic lysergamide which is suspected to be a prodrug of ETH-LAD, which could explain why the doses are very similar. Or it could be active on its own. Scientific studies would need to be written to understand, yet there are none.1pethlad
2-AIstimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeShort acting stimulant that is sometimes compared to the likes of Methamphetamine. It is a rigid analogue of Amphetamine, and also partially substitutes for the prior in rat discrimination studies. 2ai,2-aminoindan
2-Chloroephenidinedissociativeresearch chemicaltentativeAnalogue of Ephenidine. Very little is known about this quite obscure compound. Very likely to exhibit dissociative effects, and is slightly less potent than the parent drug Ephenidine.2-chloroephenidine,2chloroephenidine,2-cl-ephenidine,2clephenidine
2-DPMPstimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeA very potent stimulant that is a NDRI. Was developed by CIBA (Now called Novatris) in the 1950s, in which is was researched as a subject for narcolepsy and ADHD, yet was dropped quite quickly as Methylphenidate was produced a few years later, and seen as a superior substance for ADHD. Namely due to its shorter half life. 2-DPMP Half life is between 16-20 hours.desoxypipradrol,2dpmp,2-desoxypiperadol,desoxypipradol
2-FDCKtentativedissociativehabit formingDissociative anesthetic of the arylcyclohexylamine class. Seemingly on par with Ketamine in dosage. Longer onset than the prior.2f-ketamine,2f-ket,2-fluorodeschloroketamine,2-fl-2'-oxo-pcm,2f-dck,2fket,2fdck
2-FEAstimulanttentativeresearch chemicalStimulant closely related to 2-FMA. Presumably slightly less potent than the prior. Toxicology and the likes are pretty much completely unknown. Tread with caution.2-fluoroethylamphetamine
2-Me-DMTpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeAlso known as 2,N,N-TMT, this drug was first synthesised by Alexander Shulgin. Described as a very mild psychedelic of similar subjective effects to other tryptamines. Reported as having an unusual and unpredictable dose curve, it is recommended to start low with this drug.
2-MECstimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeCathinone which some users report to feel like a weaker MDMA with a shorter onset.
2-methyl-2-butanolhabit formingdepressant tentativeA tertiary Alcohol that has sedative, hypnotic, and anxiolytic effects. It is also roughly 20x more potent than Ethanol by weight.2m2b
2-MAstimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeAlso known as Ortetamine, this rarely seen Amphetamine is approximately 1/10th as potent as dextroamphetamine. Little information exists regarding its safety or effects.2-ma
2-MMCstimulanthabit formingtentativeresearch chemicalA cathinone, yet the effects are noted more of the likes of 2-FA or Amphetamine. Which apparently left people dissapointed.
2-MPPPresearch chemicalhabit formingstimulanttentativeA novel stimulant that is similar to methcathinone.n-piperidinecathinone
2-PAstimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeAmphetamine with the alpha-methyl replaced by ketone. Very few reports. Also no information on the safety of this compound. As always treat with caution.2-phenylacetamide
2-PTAstimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentative4-Methylamphetamine with the alpha-methyl replaced by ketone. Very few reports. Also no information of the safety of this compound. As always treat with caution.4-methyl-2-pa,2-(p-tolyl)acetamide
25B-NBOHpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA phenethylamine psychedelic and stimulant derivative of 2C-B, this compound is related to and has similar effects to 25B-NBOMe. It is significantly more potent than 2C-B but less potent than 25B-NBOMe. Overdoses of NBOH compounds may cause dangerous vasoconstriction. May induce uncomfortable body load.25bnboh,nboh-2cb,2cb-nboh,2c-b-nboh
25C-NBOHpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA phenethylamine psychedelic and stimulant derivative of 2C-C, this compound is related and has similar effects to 25C-NBOMe. It is significantly more potent than 2C-C but less potent than 25C-NBOMe. Overdoses of NBOH compounds may cause dangerous vasoconstriction. May induce uncomfortable body load.
25G-NBOMepsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA rare psychedelic stimulant and bomamine. A derivative of 2C-G, but far more potent. Likely to have hallucinogenic, stimulant and vasoconstrictive properties which may be dangerous at high doses. A heavy body load is to be expected.25g,25gnbome
25H-NBOMepsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA rare psychedelic stimulant and bomamine. A derivative of 2C-H, but many times more potent. Likely to have hallucinogenic, stimulant and vasoconstrictive properties which may be dangerous at high doses. A heavy body load is to be expected.25h,25-h-nbome
25I-NBFtentativepsychedelicresearch chemicalIs a derivate of the psychedelic 2C-I. Was sold breifly in a few countries before being banned. Based purely on the pharmacological evidence it'll be between 6-8x less potent than it's parent compound 25I-NBOMe.
25I-NBMDpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA psychedelic phenethylamine that is related to the 25X-NBOMe series which in turn makes it related to the 2C-X series. Quite potent substance.
25I-NBOHpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA phenethylamine psychedelic and stimulant derivative of 2C-I, this compound is related and has similar effects to 25I-NBOMe. It is significantly more potent than 2C-I but less potent than 25I-NBOMe. Overdoses of NBOH compounds may cause dangerous vasoconstriction. May induce uncomfortable body load.nboh-2ci,cimbi-27
25iP-NBOMepsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeAlmost unheard-of bomamine analogue of 2C-IP. Extremely potent psychedelic with stimulating qualities. May cause potentially dangerous vasoconstriction at high doses. May induce uncomfortable body load.25ip
25N-NBOMepsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA rare, highly potent and yellow psychedelic phenethylamine and derivative of 2C-N. Effects are similar to other NBOMe compounds, with hallucinations, intense body load, stimulation and vasoconstriction. At high doses vasoconstriction can be dangerous, exercise caution.2-c-n-nbome,25n
25P-NBOMepsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA rare potent psychedelic drug with similar effects and risks to others in the NBOMe class. Yet no trip reports... when the substance was first sold in mid-late 2012, and resurfaced in early 2015.
25T-2-NBOMepsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA potent serotonin receptor agonist at the 5-HT2a receptor that is of the NBOMe drug class. It is a hallucinogenic and psychedelic with limited recorded human use.25t2-nbome
25T-4-NBOMetentativepsychedelicresearch chemicalA psychedelic RC of the NBOMe class of drugs that is expected to cause hallucinations. Limited human use has been recorded on this drug and caution should be used with dosing.25t4-nbome
2C-B-ANpsychedelictentativeresearch chemical2C-B-AN is a novel prodrug for 2C-B.
2C-B-FLY-NBOMetentativepsychedelicempathogenresearch chemical2cbflynbome
2C-Gpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeExtremely rare drug of the 2C-X family. An extremely long lasting substance. Is nearly as potent as its Amphetamine counter-part, Ganesha. Yet is said to have very little visual activity.2cg
2C-IPpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeIsopropyl analog (branched analog) of 2C-P with a slightly shorter duration and lower potency.
2C-Npsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA relatively uncommon and short-acting psychedelic phenethylamine of the 2C-x family. It behaves much like other 2C-x drugs, but is unique in that it is a yellowish golden-coloured salt. Described by some, namely Shulgin, as being quite underwhelming.2cn
2C-Tpsychedelicempathogenresearch chemicaltentativeA very rare psychedelic phenylethylamine, that is quite lovely.2ct
2C-T-21psychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA rare psychedelic phenethylamine.
3,6-DMPMstimulanttentativeresearch chemicalStimulant that is related to Phenmetrazine. Nearly no information on dose or effects.
3-CMCstimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeA rarely seen halogenated cathinone drug. Likely to be a stimulant, possibly an entactogen. (Note: The Amphetamine analogue of this drug, 4-CA, is a highly dangerous neurotoxin, no data about the safety of this one, but should likely be avoided)
3-FAstimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeA stimulant that is close to equipotent with Methamphetamine and acts as a monoamine releasing agent , but has more selectivity for dopamine/noradrenaline over serotonin.3fa
3-FEAstimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeA novel fluorinated Amphetamine with serotonergic properties. Effects are similar to 4-FA, in that it provides slight dopamine and norepinephrine release or reuptake inhibition, as well as serotonin release and reuptake inhibition. Effects on the serotonin side are more pronounced than dopamine and norepinephrine, the latter two being almost negligibly.
3-HO-PCEdissociativeresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeA rare and very potent PCP analogue, eight times more potent than PCP as NMDA receptor antagonist and also a μ-opioid receptor agonist. Similar in structure to methoxetamine.3hopce
3-HO-PCPdissociativeresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeAn arylcyclohexamine dissociative analogue of PCP, this drug is relatively uncommon, and little information is available. It is reported to not only have dissociative activity but also be an opioid. Some trip reports suggest very negative side-effects including intense muscle tension.3hopcp
3-MECstimulantresearch chemicaltentativehabit formingAnother cathinone based stimulant, that is weaker than 4-MEC. Very few reports since it is quite unpopular.
3-MeO-PCEdissociativeresearch chemicalhabit formingtentative3-MeO-PCP with a change of a ring replacement. Slightly more potent than 3-MeO-PCP.3meopce,methoxyieticyclidine
3-MeO-PCMOdissociativeresearch chemicaltentativeA less common dissociative anaesthetic compound related to PCP. An analogue of 3-MeO-PCP, but far less potent. Possibly an antitussive and antidepressant. Very little history of human use or pharmacological information.
3-MeO-PCPRdissociativetentativeresearch chemicalhabit formingThis is the N-Propyl homologue of 3-MeO-PCE. It is slightly less potent than PCP. Yet seems slightly less manic inducing.
3-MeO-PCPYdissociativehabit formingtentativeresearch chemical3-Methoxy analogue of Rolicyclidine (PCPy) less opioid effects than Phenylcyclidine (PCP) Yet still prominent.
3-OH-PHENAZEPAMtentativeresearch chemicalbenzohabit formingdepressant The 3-OH analogue of Phenazepam, which cuts the half life down quite a bit. Psychoactive effects are mostly lead by its metabolites, rather than the drug itself.3-ho-phenazepam,3hophenazepam,3ohphenazepam,3-ho-p,3hop,3-oh-p,3ohp,3-hydroxyphenazepam
4,4-DMARstimulantempathogenhabit formingtentativeVery closely related stimulant to Aminorex and Pemoline. Was sold as a designer drug for quite awhile under the brand name "Serotoni" has been linked to at least 31 deaths. It is a potent SNDRA.serotoni,4,4-dmap
4-AcO-DETtentativepsychedelicresearch chemicalRare drug that is of the tryptamine family, can be comparable to Psilocybin. Expected to quickly hydrolyzed into the free phenolic 4-HO-DET.ethacetin,ethylacybin,4-acetoxy-det
4-AcO-DPTpsychedelictentativeresearch chemicalResearch chemical of the Tryptamine class. First noted being sold in 2012, yet never recieved much attention. Conflicting reports. Doesn't dissolve well at all in nearly all solutions it was tested in.4acodpt
4-AcO-MiPTtentativepsychedelicempathogenresearch chemicalA quite potent tryptamine that has be related to having "shroom-like" visuals. Yet without much bodyload. Very hydroscopic. Seems to be quite safe in dosing. Similar to the likes of 2C-B.mipracetin,4acomipt
4-Benzylpiperidinestimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeA dopamine releasing agent with weak serotonin releasing properties. Little evidence of human use. Potentially dangerous in overdose given MAOI + monoamine releasing properties.4-pmpd
4-CHLORODIAZEPAMresearch chemicaltentativeA benzodiazepine derivative of Diazepam, yet lacks affinity for GABA(a) receptors, yet is still a sedative, that has pro-convulsant effects. Yet at lower doses it has been proven to be neuroprotective.ro5-4864,4'-chlorodiazepam
4-EPDstimulanthabit formingtentativeAn obscure analogue of Pentedrone, which means very little information on this chemical. It is likely is shares the same general effects of the other Pentedrone family.4-ethylpentedrone
4-FEAstimulanttentativeresearch chemicalStimulant that is the ethyl analogue of 4-FMA.4-fluoroethylamphetamine
4-Fluoroethylphenidatestimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeA more potent and longer lasting analogue of Ethylphenidate.4f-eph,4-feph
4-Fluoromethylphenidatestimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeA relatively uncommon, more serotonergic RC derivative of Methylphenidate. A dopamine reuptake inhibitor possessing similar effects to associated stimulant compounds.4f-mph,4-fmph,4fmph,4-fl-mph,4-fluoro-mph
4-Fluoropentedronestimulantresearch chemicaltentativehabit formingAn obscure analogue of Pentedrone, little information exists about this cathinone. It is likely that it has the same general effects as Pentedrone, Mephedrone and other related stimulants.4-fpd,4-f-pentedrone,4f-pentedrone
4-FPPpsychedelicempathogententativestimulantA piperazine derivative that has been reported to have mild pyschedelic effects, and also empathogen qualities. It has been sold in many branded legal highs.
4-HO-DPTtentativepsychedelicresearch chemicalA psychedelic hallucinogenic first synthesized by alexander shulgin. At light doses it causes enhanced cognition and appreciation for things like art and music while high doses cause visuals. The drug is known to cause a bodyload.4hodpt,4-hydroxy-n,n-dipropyltryptamine
4-HO-EPTpsychedelictentativeThe 4-Hydroxy version of EPT. Slightly more potent than the prior.
4-HO-MCPTpsychedelictentativeresearch chemicalNovel synthetic tryptamine that is the cyclopropyl homologue of Psilocin. Not much is known about anything.
4-HO-MPMIpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA rare tryptamine derivative first synthesised by David Nichols. This drug, also known as lucigenol, has rarely been documented outside the lab. It is known to be a psychedelic similar to other psychoactive tryptamines, with a potency similar to DOI, but little else is known.lucigenol
4-HO-MPTpsychedelictentativeresearch chemicalPsychedelic drug of the tryptamine class. Higher homologue of Psilocin, and is the 4-hydroxy analogue of N-Methyl-N-Propyltryptamine.4hompt
4-MeO-Butyrfentanyltentativeresearch chemicalopioidhabit formingRare and basically unknown opioid and fentanyl analogue (not to be confused with Butyrfentanyl). Virtually no reliable information exists, safe dosages are unknown. Exercise extreme caution. Overdose may result in respiratory depression. Do not mix with stimulants or depressants.4-meo-bf
4-MeO-MiPTpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA rare psychedelic tryptamine first synthesised by Alexander Shulgin, said to the be "little brother" of 5-MeO-MiPT. Said to be relatively mild with lighter visual effects than most tryptamines.
4-METHYLAMINOREXstimulanthabit formingtentativeresearch chemicalA very potent stimulant that has quite a long duration of action at around 16 hours.
4-Methylmethylphenidatestimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeA stimulant drug related to Methylphenidate and also known as 4-Me-TMP, it has demonstrated lower dopamine reuptake inhibition properties and is potentially less potent. Has been subjectively described as very similar in feel to MPH.4-mmph,4-me-tmp,4-metmp
4-MPDtentativestimulanthabit formingStimulant of the cathinone class. Higher homologue of Mephedrone, and the p-Methyl analogue of Pentedrone.
4-MTAresearch chemicalempathogententativeEmpathogen with very low chronic toxicity but high risk of acute harm due to mixed serotonin release and MAOI action. Reported to lack euphoria and rarely sold since being scheduled.4-methylthioamphetamine
4F-PHPstimulantresearch chemicaltentativehabit forming4-Fluoro analogue of a-PHP, yet seems to have less mania attachted to it. Dose is near on par.
4F-PVPtentativestimulanthabit formingFluornated analogue of α-PVP. Seems to be slightly less weaker than it's parent compound.4f-a-pvp,pfpvp
5-APDIempathogenresearch chemicaltentativeAlso commonly known as IAP. A selective serotonin releasing agent with psychedelic and empathogenic properties. Users have often reported issues with the drug causing overheating and unwelcome bowel movements.iap
5-BPDIhabit formingresearch chemicalstimulanttentativeAn analogue of a-PHP, which has been described as having an extremely similar effect profile, with some users noting that it may be slightly lighter and with less of an urge to redose. However, little record of the safety of human use exists.
5-Bromo-DMTpsychedelictentativeresearch chemicalPsychedelic drug of the Trypyamine class, and is also found in two marine invertebrates. Animal studies have shown that this could be useful for sedative and/or antidepressant use.
5-DBFPVtentativestimulanthabit formingresearch chemicalStimulant of the cathinone class. Analogue of MDPV where the methylenedioxyphenyl group was replaced with a dihydrobenzofuran.
5-MeO-DIBFempathogenresearch chemicaltentativeAn uncommon and new psychedelic drug related to tryptamine; the Benzofuran analogue of 5-MeO-DiPT. Probably a serotonin receptor partial agonist. Little history of human use.
5-MeO-EiPTpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA little known and little studied tryptamine and analogue of EiPT, also related to DiPT and DET. Probably a psychedelic. Few reports of effects.5meoeipt
5-MeO-NIPTpsychedelictentativeresearch chemicalA little known and little studied tryptamine and analogue of NiPT, also related to DiPT and DET. Psychedelic, that is generally regarded as not worth the time.5meonipt
5-MeO-PYR-Ttentativeresearch chemicalpsychedelicA very odd acting tryptamine, that is very potent. With doses as low as 3mg vapourised causing complete blocks of memory loss.
5-PPDIstimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeAn obscure analogue of α-PBP, which is itself an analogue of α-PVP. This rare compound has little history of human usage. Some trip reports suggest it is inactive. If it is active it likely has a similar effect profile to other pyrovalerone stimulants.
5F-AKB48research chemicaltentativehabit formingA synthetic cannabanoid that is a Indazole. Produces subjective effects somehwat similar to that of Cannabis, yet with a very short duration. Analogue of STS-135, in which the core indole structure is subbed with an indazole base.5f-apinaca,5fapinaca,5fakb48
5F-PB-22tentativeresearch chemicalhabit formingSynthetic cannabinoid, agonist of the cannabinoid receptors which has a strong sedating aspect. Being a synthetic cannabinoid it has a very fast onset.
6-MDDMopioidhabit formingtentativedepressant Semisynthetic opioid that is a derivative of Hydromorphone with little history of human use. Roughly around ~80x the potency of Morphine. Structurally related to Desomorphine.6-methylenedihydrodesoxymorphine
A-PIHPstimulantempathogenhabit formingresearch chemicaltentativeQuite new Pyrrolidine based stimulant of the cathinone class. Not very many reports. Probably has a very fast tolerance raise, and lack of effects over time.pihp
α-PVTstimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeA rare stimulant drug related to α-PVP, very uncommon. Probably less potent than α-PVP, however little data exists on this compound or its effects on humans.apvt
AB-CHMINACAresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeA synthetic cannabinoid related to AB-FUBINACA which has had some mild popularity. There have been reports of death in overdose, similar to AB-FUBINACA and it has a low threshold dose. Exercise caution.
AB-FUBINACAresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativecommonArguably the most common synthetic cannabinoid, AB-FUBINACA was originally developed by Pfizer as an analgesic, but has since abandoned for medical use. It has since found a following in the RC community, however it's extremely high potency and inclusion in synthetic blends makes it dangerous, and it has killed in overdose. Exercise caution.ab-fub
Acrylfentanylopioidresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativedepressant A rare opioid and Fentanyl analogue (not to be confused with acetyl-Fentanyl), this drug is a powerful and potent analgesic. Little reliable information exists, even for basic usage such as dosage. Exercise extreme caution. Overdose may result in respiratory depression. Do not mix with depressants or stimulants. Potentially neurotoxic and carcinogenic.
Adinazolamdepressant habit formingtentativeBenzodiazepine derivative that has some antidepressant properties. Never FDA approved, yet however has been sold as a research chemical.deracyn
αETpsychedelicstimulantresearch chemicaltentativeempathogenA quite rare substance of the tryptamine class, was first made by Upjohn as an antidepressant. Please use extreme caution if you get the pleasure of trying this drug.alpha-ethyl-tryptamine,a-et,a-ethyltryptamine
Afloqualonedepressant habit formingtentativeA rare analogue of Methaqualone, a sedative, intoxicating drug. Similar effects to benzodiazepines, barbiturates and Alcohol. Never widely used due to photosensitivity and skin irritation issues, though it has seem some popularity in Japan.
ALD-52psychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeALD-52, or N-acetyl-LSD is a less common chemical analogue of LSD, first synthesised by Albert Hoffman. It was famously implicated in the 'Orange Sunshine' trial. A psychedelic lysergamide, this compound exhibits similar properties to LSD, and is thought to be a pro-drug for LSD.ald52,1alsd,1a-lsd
Alephpsychedelicempathogenresearch chemicaltentativeThe first sulphur-containing Phenethylamine to have been evaluated for CNS activity for Stimulant or Psychedelic purposes.dot,para-dot
ALEPH-2psychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA very rare Phenethylamine, also known as DOT-2, it is the DOx analogue of 2C-T-2. Very little human use recorded. Described as being quite long and highly visual. Likely to be potent, with a reported threshold dose of 3mg.dot-2,dot2,aleph2
Allobarbitalbarbituratetentativedepressant habit formingIs a barbiturate that was first made in 1912. It was primilary used as an anticonvulsant. Yet it has pretty much been outclassed by a newer generation of safer ones. Still in use in Poland.
α-PHPstimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeA powerful stimulant cathinone, analogue of alpha-PVP and related to pyrovalerone. Said to have high addictive potential, compulsive redosing and relatively short duration. Often insufflated or vapourised.pv-7,a-php,aphp,α-php,αphp
AM-2201research chemicaltentativehabit formingA synthetic cannabanoid that is very potent. Active doses start at around 250ug's. Please be cautious with this substance. It has also been noted that it can cause convulsions.am2201
Aminorexstimulanthabit formingtentativeIs an anorectic stimulant drug that was taken of the market after it was found to cause pulmonary hypertension. Potency wise it has been found to be roughly 2.5 times more potent than dextroamphetamine.
AtomoxetinestimulanttentativeA NRI that is used for ADHD. With a quite odd pharmacological background.strattera
BENZODIOXOLE-FENTANYLopioiddepressant research chemicaltentativeAn analogue of Fentanyl that is not found in literature.
BenzydaminedelirianttentativestimulantNSAID with local anesthetic and analgesic properties, similar to Ibuprofen or Naproxen. Sometimes abused in overdose with reported delirant and stimulant effects.tantum
βk-2C-Ipsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeNovel psychedelic that is the Beta-Ketone derivative of 2C-I.
βk-IVPstimulantresearch chemicaltentativeThe beta-ketone analogue of IVP, this is a rare RC stimulant in the same family as MDPV. Little is known but effects are probably similar to MDPV or more generally Amphetamine or high dose Caffeine.
BODpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeBeta-methoxy analogue of 2C-D, seems to be more "mild" than the likes of 2C-X and DOX compounds. Is 50/50 whether the body load is barely there, or overpowering the experience.
Bromadolopioiddepressant habit formingtentativeA very potent opioid that has an arylcyclohexylamine structure. Intial studies estimated that it was ~10,000x Morphine in animal studies. However that value has since decreased to ~504 times the potency of Morphine for the trans-isomer.bdpc
Bromazolambenzoresearch chemicaltentativehabit formingA rather novel Benzodiazepine that is structurally quite close to Alprazolam.
Butyrfentanylopioidresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativedepressant Potent short-acting opioid and Fentanyl analogue. Often dispensed in a nasal spray. This is an highly potent drug - exercise extreme caution. May cause respiratory depression and death in overdose.bf,b-f
Camazepambenzohabit formingtentativedepressant A benzodiazepine drug that is stronger in terms of anxiety relief than it is in terms of how hypnotic it is. It is a metabolite of Diazepam and has limited anticonvulsant properties.albego,limpidon,paxor
CentrophenoxinenootropictentativestimulantCholinergic compound with a DMAE compotent. Is thought to help in reversing some signs of aging. Naturally found substance, most notably in fish.lucidril,meclofenoxate
ChangapsychedelictentativeChanga is the name given to a smoking blend of caapi or other MAOI containing plants with an infusion of extracted DMT. Changa often contains other milder psychoactive herbs as well. The maoi action results in a longer and more intense trip (see Ayahuasca) NOTE: There is no standardized recipe or concentration of infused DMT, therefor dosage and potency will vary per batch.
Chloroformdepressant habit formingtentativeA naturally occurring organic compound once used as an anaesthetic. Has practically disappeared in this usage due to numerous harmful effects including danger of sudden death through cardiac arrhythmia. Has been implicated in numerous murders. Highly unsafe.
Clomethiazoledepressant research chemicalhabit formingtentativeStructurally related to Thiamine (vitamin B1), but with binding potential at the GABAa site, which causes it to produce effects most like those of a barbiturate: an effective sedative and hypnotic. Originally developed by Hoffman-LaRoche in the 1930s, it has seen use as a treatment for acute Alcohol withdrawal.
Cloniprazepambenzodepressant habit formingtentativeProdrug for Clonazepam.
Clotiazepambenzohabit formingtentativedepressant Is a thienodiazepine substance. It differs from most other benzodiazepines in which the benzene ring has been replaced by a thiophene ring.clozan,distensan,trecalmo,rize,rizen,veratran
CoronaridinepsychedelictentativeAlkaloid found in Tabernanthe iboga and related species. Persistently reduces the self-administration of Cocaine and Morphine in rats.
CRL-40-940stimulanttentativenootropicresearch chemicalBisfluoro analogue Modafinil. Has been sold online as a research chemical. Was patented in 2013. Is slightly more potent than Armodafinil.flmodafinil,lauflumide,bisfluoromodafinil
CRL-40-941stimulanttentativenootropicresearch chemicalA substance closely related to Adrafinil and Modafinil. It is the bis(p-fluoro) ring derivative of Adrafinil.fladrafinil,fluoromodafinil
Cyclo-Methiodroneempathogenstimulanthabit formingresearch chemicaltentativeEmpathogen with strong stimulant effects, very loosely related to benzylpiperidine.
CYCLOPENTYL-FENTANYLopioidtentativeresearch chemicaldepressant habit formingAn analogue of Fentanyl that is unknown in literature, seems to be less potent than its former being Acetyl-Fentanyl. Yet reports have yet to surface. Be careful.cp-f,cpf
Cyclopropylmescalinepsychedelictentativeresearch chemicalCyclopropylmescaline, AKA CPM, is a psychedelic/hallucinogenic that was produced by Alexander Shulgin. It causes visual and auditory hallucinations and lasts quite a long time. Little is known about it so caution must be used when trying out this substance.cpm,4-cyclopropylmethoxy-3
D2PMstimulanthabit formingtentativeAn NDRI, which is reported as being rather lackluster.diphenylprolinol
DALTpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativePsychedelic drug of the tryptamine class.n,n-diallyltryptamine,diallyltryptamine
Daturadepressant tentativedeliriantA family of plants containing various Tropane alkaloids. Produces long-lasting deliriant effects including very realistic and often unpleasant hallucinations along with short-term amnesia. Datura plants are toxic to humans, and potency varies greatly from plant-to-plant, making the drug extremely difficult to dose safely. Not typically regarded as recreational.
Dehydroxyfluorafinilstimulantnootropicresearch chemicaltentativeNootropic of the benzhydryl class. Closely related to Adrafinil and Modafinil. Was branded as "Modafiendz" through some research chemical vendors.modafiendz
Deschloroetizolambenzoresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativedepressant A Thienodiazepine which is close to its parent compound, Etizolam, whilst being significantly weaker and longer lasting.etizolam-2
Deschloroketaminedissociativeresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeA novel analogue of Ketamine which is much more potent and has a longer duration.2'-oxo-pcm,dxe,dck,o-pcm,opcm,2-oxo-pcm
DETpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA surprisingly uncommon analogue of DMT with similar effects and reported oral activity without the aid of an MAOI.diethyltryptamine
Diclofensinestimulantresearch chemicaltentativehabit formingA triple monoamine reuptake inhibitor developed by Hoffman-LaRoche in the 1970s as an antidepressant but discontinued, probably due to high abuse potential. Has not become popular as a recreational drug at this time. Acts as an SNDRI, mostly inhibits dopamine and noradrenaline.ro8-4650
Diethyl etherdepressant habit formingtentativeAn industrial solvent which is sometimes used recreationally as a dissociative anaesthetic, with a short length of action. Effects are similar to Alcohol. Leaves one's breath tasting and smelling strongly of ether for much longer than the experience lasts.ether
Dimemebferesearch chemicalpsychedelicempathogententativeRelated in structure to 5-MeO-DMT, yet much less potent. Described as feeling somewhat similar to Mushrooms, with some empathogenic effects.5-meo-bfe
Diphenidinedissociativeresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeA dissociative anaesthetic related to Ephenidine with similar qualities to PCP and Ketamine. Has seen some popularity as a recreational RC. Dosage curve has been reported as particularly steep, so care should be taken.dpd
DOETpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA potent and long acting psychedelic stimulant and substituted Amphetamine, similar in effects to other DOx compounds. First synthesised by Alexander Shulgin.doe
DOIPtentativepsychedelicstimulantresearch chemicalA rare psychedelic ampthetamine of the same class as the likes of DOM. Is a quite powerful and potent psychedelic that has very strong Amphetamine effects. Not for the faint of heart.
DONpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA very rare psychedelic Amphetamine. That is more rough on the body then other DOx compounds. Making it physically painful in some cases.
DOPRpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA rare psychedelic Amphetamine of the same class as DOM. This is a powerful and potent psychedelic with all the effects you would expect from an Amphetamine. Described by Shulgin as a 'heavy duty psychedelic'. Analogue of 2C-P.
EFLEAstimulantresearch chemicaltentativeinactiveProdrug for EDMA. May be inactive.
Ephenidinedissociativeresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeA dissociative drug which is less potent and less confusing than MXE but with otherwise similar properties. Reported as causing light stimulant effects at lower doses.
EPTpsychedelictentativeresearch chemicalEthylpropyltryptamine a novel tryptamine, that is the structural homologue of DMT.ethylpropyltryptamine,n,n-ethylpropyltryptamine
ETHYL-PENTEDRONEstimulantempathogententativeresearch chemicalA stimulant that came out around the same time as Ethyl-Hexedrone, not much information on it. Is in the cathinone family of substances. Related to Pentedrone.nep,n-ethylpentedrone
Fasoracetamresearch chemicalnootropictentativeA substance in the racetam family. Appears to be a GABA(B) agonist, and has shown to block memory disruptions caused by Baclofen, another GABA(B) Agonist. Similar to another compound in the racetam family Coluracetam, it enhances High affinity choline reuptake (HACU). Also research is conducted if it helps with ADHD and Congitive impairment.
Flualprazolambenzohabit formingtentativeresearch chemicalFluorinated Alprazolam, that likely has a longer half-life and higher potency than its parent compound.
Fluclotizolambenzotentativeresearch chemicalhabit formingA derivative of Etizolam. There are conflicting reports on its dosage, though claims have been made that it is approximately 3x the potency of Etizolam, with a shorter half-life.
Flunitrazolambenzodepressant habit formingtentativeA very potent hypnotic Benzodiazepine. Triazolo version of Flunitrazepam.fln
Fluorolintaneresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativedissociativeA dissociative anaesthetic also known as 2-FPPP, very little is known about this obscure and rare drug. Reported by some to be stimulating, having effects similar to other dissociative drugs such as PCP and Ketamine.
Fluorophenibuttentativedepressant habit formingAn anxiolytic analogue of GABA and Phenibut, with similar activity to the latter. Expected to be 5-10 times as potent as Phenibut, some preliminary reports suggest tolerance builds more slowly.
Furanylfentanylresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeopioiddepressant An extremely potent opioid analgesic and analogue of fentanyl. Concrete information is difficult to obtain about even basic properties like active dose, though it is believed to be slightly less potent and shorter in duration than Butyrfentanyl. Exercise extreme caution. Will cause respiratory depression in overdose.fu-f,furanyl-fentanyl
G-130stimulanttentativeresearch chemicalStimulant that is related to Phenmetrazine. Nearly no information on dose or effects.
Glaucineopioidhabit formingdepressant tentativeAn alkaloid that is found in several different scpecies in the Papaveraceae family. It has antiinflammatory and antitussive effects. Can also be referred to as Yellow Horned Poppy.
Halothanedepressant tentativeA powerful inhalant anaesthetic generally used in a medical setting to induce unconsciousness, as a supplement with Ketamine or Fentanyl.
HDEP-28stimulantresearch chemicaltentativehabit formingMost likely a TRI, such as HDMP-28, short history of human use.ethylnaphthidate
HDMP-28stimulantresearch chemicaltentativehabit formingAlso commonly known as methylnapthidate. A functional stimulant similar to Methylphenidate but with a longer duration. Not especially recreational.methylnaphtidate
Hexedronestimulantresearch chemicaltentativehabit formingA rare Mephedrone analogue also known as MACP, a cathinone stimulant with similar effects to Pentedrone.
Hexententativestimulanthabit formingresearch chemicalA cathinone based stimulant. Hexen (aka Ethyl-Hexedrone) acts as an NDRI to produce it's effects, and as with most cathinones has a fast onset and short duration. This drug has very little history of human consumption and next to no research/data, and therefor should be treated with caution as a research chemical.ethyl-hexedrone,n-ethylhexedrone,hex-en,n-ethyl-hexedrone
Hexobarbitalbarbituratedepressant habit formingtentativeIs a barbiturate that was once used for inducing anesthesia for surgery. It has a very rapid onset, and a short duration of effects.
Homomazindolstimulanttentativeresearch chemicalhabit formingA potent analogue of mazindol, a rare, atypical stimulant drug and appetite suppressant occasionally prescribed in cases of severe obesity.
HOT-2psychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA rather rare psychedelic phenylethylamine that is the hydroxylated version and prodrug for 2C-T-2.hot2
HOT-7psychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeempathogenA rather rare psychedelic phenylethylamine that is the hydroxylated version and prodrug for 2C-T-7.hot7
HUPERZINE-AnootropictentativeA compound that is extracted from the herbs of Huperziceae family. Is known as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, which stops an enzyme from breaking down acetylcholine which results in increases in acetylcholine. Is currently in preliminary trials for Alzheimer's.h-a
Indapexpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentative5-MEO-TMT, one of Shulgin's lesser known creations. A psychedelic tryptamine little heard of outside of TiHKaL with very little known information about its effects on humans. May be particularly given to causing nausea.5-meo-tmt
Indapyrophenidonestimulanttentativeresearch chemicalhabit formingIndane analogue of Pyrophenidone, a NDRI stimulant with a short duration.
Isomethadoneopioidhabit formingtentativedepressant Once a pharmaceutical drug also known as isoamidone, this opioid analgesic and Methadone analogue was withdrawn from the market and is seldom seen today. Rarely abused, though reports state it is around twice as potent as Methadone, and more euphoric.
Isophenmetrazinestimulantresearch chemicaltentativehabit formingRare and little known analogue of Phenmetrazine, which is slightly more potent than other analogues. Probably a stimulating, appetite supressing drug with high addiction potential. Potentially a dopamine and/or norepinephrine releasing agent.
Isopropylphenidateresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativestimulantIPPH (or incorrectly IPH) is a novel piperidine based Methylphenidate analogue and NDRI stimulant, but comes with much less physical side effects.iph,ipph,ippd,ipp
Isoproscalinepsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA analogue of Mescaline, and more closely related to Proscaline.ip
JenkemdelirianttentativeA hoax which began in online communities of a non-existent drug which was claimed to result from a process involving human waste. http://www.snopes.com/crime/warnings/Jenkem.asp
LSM-775psychedelicresearch chemicaltentativePsychedelic of the lysergamide class, less potent by weight and produces a rather mild, dreamy and even sedating trip compared to its bigger brother LSD.lsm
Marinoldepressant tentativeSynthetically created Δ9-THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in Cannabis.dronabinol,syndros,cesamet,δ9-thc,δ9--tetrahydrocannabinol,delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol,delta9-thc
MBDBstimulantresearch chemicaltentativeempathogenhabit formingA rare entactogenic drug and analogue of MDMA possibly first synthesised by David Nichols. Potentially less potent than related drugs of its type. Sometimes referred to as a 'watered down MDMA.'eden,methyl-j
MBZPstimulantresearch chemicaltentativehabit formingA stimulant drug which is a derivative of BZP.methylbenylpiperazine
MCPPstimulantresearch chemicaltentativeA phenylpiperazine stimulant first developed in the 1970s before being sold in the RC market, often mislabelled as MDMA. Said to have very unpleasant effects such as anxiogenesis and headaches.
MDEAstimulantempathogententativeA quite rare empathogen closely related to MDMA. Yet is less potent than the prior.mde,eve
MDOHstimulantpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeempathogenhabit formingAn entactogen, stimulant and psychedelic first synthesised by Alexander Shulgin, MDOH is an analogue of MDA. Described as highly psychedelic, it is likely a serotonin releasing agent. It has not seen widespread use, perhaps due to a number of reported negative side effects such as urinary retention and a heavy comedown.
MDPAempathogenresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeAn obscure substituted methylenedioxyphenethylamine with practically no history of human use. Its pharmacological profile is largely unknown, but potentially exhibits similar properties to other MDxx compounds. May be a monoamine releaser, reuptake inhibitor or both.methylenedioxyphenylacetamide
Mdphpstimulanttentativehabit formingresearch chemicalMdphp aka 'Monkey-Dust' is a substituted cathinone and pyrovalerone which has been sold as an alternative to a-PHP and MDPV. Said to be less intense than MDPV with similar effects. Mdphp potency is said to vary widely, and there are reports of mixed composition batches containing other drugs. Very little is known about Mdphp in terms of toxicity, pharmacology and metabolism.monkey-dust
Mebroqualonedepressant research chemicalhabit formingtentativeA short acting analogue of Methaqualone, that is much more potent.mbq
Meclonazepambenzohabit formingdepressant tentativeA benzodiazepine related to Clonazepam discovered by Hoffman-LaRoche in the 1960s. Potentially useful in treating schistosomiasis. Has been sold on the grey market as a recreational drug but has not seen widespread popularity.
MEMpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA rare stimulant, psychedelic and Amphetamine discovered by Alexander Shulgin. Related to the DOx class of drugs, little is known about this obscure compound's pharmacology, however it is likely to be potent and have a long duration.
MemantinedissociativetentativeAn NMDA-antagonist that if used recreationally can cause to a very prolonged "hole" lasting up to 16+ hours.
4-MPMstimulantresearch chemicaltentativehabit formingempathogen4-Methylphenmetrazine is an empathogen of the phenylmorpholine class that seems to have a very rapid tolerance build up.4-mpm,4-methylphenmetrazine
Mephtetramineresearch chemicaltentativeHas a Phenpropylamine backbone like Methylphenidate. Seems barely active past negative physical effects. Only reports that include activity past the prior were mixing it with another substance.mtta
METpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA rare psychedelic tryptamine, related to DMT and DET. Little information exists about the effects or pharmacology of this drug.methylethyltryptamine
Metaclazepamhabit formingtentativedepressant A benzodiazepine derivative. Which is mostly an anxiolytic substance, without strong hypnotic properties that most benzodiazepines have. Its active metabolite is N-desmethylmetaclazepam, which is the main metabolite. Slightly more effective as an anxiolytic than Bromazepam.
Methamnetaminepsychedelicstimulantresearch chemicaltentativeempathogenhabit formingA selective serotonin releaser, which also shows some light psychedelic activity. Almost always taken with a stimulant, to cause euphoric effects.methylnaphetamine,mnt,n-methyl-pal-287
Methoxphenidinedissociativeresearch chemicaltentativehabit formingA dissociative from the diarylethylamine class, a more potent analogue of Diphenidine. Known to be unpredictable, and can cause blackouts.2-meo-diphenidine,methoxyphenidine,2-mxp,mxp
Methylmorphenatestimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeStimulant of the phenylmorpholine class, an analogue of Methylphenidate where the piperidine ring has been replaced by a morpholine one, with ~1/10 potency.
Methyprylondepressant habit formingtentativeSedative of the pipeidinedone family. Was used for treating insomnia, yet is rarely used today due to substances with fewer side effects, such as benzodiazepines.noludar
Metizolambenzoresearch chemicaldepressant habit formingtentativeAlso known as desmethyletizolam, a thienodiazepine similar in effects and structure to Etizolam, but around half as potent and with around a 60% longer half-life. A sedative, and hypnotic, it may cause amnesia and lowered inhibitions in excess.metiz,desmethyletizolam
Mexaminepsychedelictentative5-Methoxytryptamine, a tryptamine derivative that naturally occurs in the body at low levels. No evidence of recreational use. Apparently enhances dreams.
Mexedroneempathogenstimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeMexedrone is a stimulant drug of the cathinone class. It alters the reuptake of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine to cause euphoria, and is similar in effects to Mephedrone. It is considered a designer drug and is in a legally grey area globally.4-mmeoc
MiPTpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeN-Methyl-N-isopropyltryptamine, a tryptamine analogue of DMT, a very uncommon drug with very few reports of human use. Described as 'more psychedelic than hallucinogenic' users report only mild visuals with some stimulation and cognitive effects. One of the more stable tryptamines.n-methyl-n-isopropyltryptamine
MK-801dissociativeresearch chemicaltentativehabit formingDissociative research chemical similar to PCP, and Ketamine. Dizocilpine, also known as MK-801, is a non-competitive antagonist of the NMDA receptor.dizocilpine,mk801
Morpheridineopioiddepressant habit formingtentativeIs a 4-Phenylpiperidine derivative that is related to Pehidine. It is roughly 4x as potent as the parent compound, does not cause convulsions such as Pethidine.
Nefiracetamnootropictentativeresearch chemicalNootropic compound of the racetam family. Seems to enhance both GABAergic and cholinergic signalling. Long term use appears to be neuroprotective. Fat soluble.nerfiracetam
Nicomorphineopioiddepressant habit formingtentativeOpioid agonist that is 2-3x the potency of Morphine. Is used in few countries. Rapid onset of effects, due to the increased lipid solubility.
Nifoxipambenzoresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativedepressant An uncommon and relatively new RC benzodiazepine, and metabolite of the hypnotic benzodiazepine Flunitrazepam. Little information about the pharmacological properties of this drug exists. Likely to be a strong sedative and hypnotic.
Nitemazepambenzodepressant habit formingtentativeA new RC benzodiazepine based off the chemical structure of Nimetazepam. It is relatively new and not many experience reports exist on it. It is expected to feel similar to Temazepam.3-hydroxynimetazepam
Nitracainestimulanttentativehabit formingAn analogue of dimethocaine with local anaesthetic and stimulant properties, marketed in the RC scene as a Cocaine replacement. Has not seen widespread popularity.
Nitrazolambenzohabit formingdepressant tentativeHypnotic benzodiazepine that is the triazolo analogue of Nitrazepam and about 4x more potent compared to the parent compound. Also the dechlorinated derivative of Clonazolam with roughly 1/10 potency.
Norflurazepambenzodepressant tentativehabit formingBenzodiazepine analogue that is an active metabolite to many other benzodiazepines, such as Flurazepam, Flutoprazepam, and Midazolam.n-desalkylflurazepam
O-Desmethyltramadolopioidresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativedepressant A opioid analgesic which is the main active metabolite of Tramadol. Alone, it is a few times more potent than Tramadol and has additional affinity for δ and κ-opioid receptors. Has proven popular when sold, but these occasions have been rare due to patent rights.odt,o-smt,o-dsmt
O-PCEdissociativeresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeDissociative of the Arylcyclohexylamine class. Structurally related to Deschloroketamine.2'-oxo-pce,eticyclidone,opce,2-oxo-pce
Pagoclonedepressant habit formingtentativeresearch chemicalAn anxiolytic drug related to Zopiclone with no sedative or hypnotic qualities. Has been investigated as a possible Alcohol replacement. Related in structure and effect to Zopiclone and Zolpidem.
Parafluorofentanylopioiddepressant habit formingtentativeRare, little known and extremely potent analogue of Fentanyl developed by Janssen Pharmaceutica in the 1960s. Use with extreme caution and never mix with other depressants.pff,4-fluorofentanyl
PCEdissociativetentativehabit formingEticyclidine (PCE) is a Dissociative anesthetic that has hallucinogenic effects. Slightly more potent than Phencyclidine.eticyclidine
PFBTstimulanthabit formingtentativeresearch chemicalTropane derivative substance that supposedly has around ~30% the potency of Cocaine as a stimulant. While also having properties of a local anasthetic.4-fluorotropacocaine
Phenetrazinestimulanthabit formingtentativeA rare phenethylamine stimulant related to 3-FPM. Virtually nothing is known about the pharmacology or effects of this compound but it is likely to have similar properties to other stimulants of its type. Not to be confused with Phenmetrazine.
PhenterminestimulanttentativePsychostimulant of the substituted Amphetamine class. Used in medicine as an appetite suppressant.
PiPTpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA rare psychedelic tryptamine related to DPT. Little is known about the effects or safety profile of this compound.
PMAstimulanttentativeAn empathogen with a slow onset and very strong serotonin release. This, combined with its lack of dopamine release, often leads users to dose more for the pleasurable effects which never come, leading to hospitalisations and deaths. Sometimes mis-sold as MDMA.
PRE-084tentativeA sigma-1 receptor agonist derived structurally from PCP. It has cognitive enhancing effects as well as antidepressant effects, and shows promise in treating many nervous system diseases such as ALS and parkinsons.
PRL-8-53research chemicalnootropictentativeA nootropic research chemical first synthesized in the 70s. One study shows a drastic improvement in mid-term memory among users, but otherwise it is severely lacking in information surrounding it. It has no recreational potential.prl853
PRO-LADtentativepsychedelicA very rare lysergamide that is slightly less potent than LSD, yet with a shorter duration of action.
Prolintanestimulantresearch chemicaltentativehabit formingA stimulant drug which is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, related to MDPV and Pyrovalerone. It was first developed in the 1950s, and has seen some light usage in rave culture, though it remains relatively uncommon. Believed to have a relatively forgiving safety profile.catovit,promotil,villescon
Propylphenidatestimulantresearch chemicaltentativehabit formingPropylphenidate is a short acting stimulant.pph
Psilocinpsychedelictentativeempathogenresearch chemicalPsilocin is a substutued tryptamine alkaloid, that is present in most psychedelic Mushrooms. It is relatively unstable in solution due to the -OH group.4-ho-dmt,4-oh-dmt
PV-8stimulantresearch chemicaltentativehabit formingStimulant of the pyrrolidinophenone class that is a higher homologue of α-PHP and generally less potent and less effective.a-phpp
Pyrophenidonestimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeAn NDRI pyrovalerone derivative reported to have very similar subjective effects. Virtually no information exists about this drug's effects in humans.
Rolicyclidinedissociativeresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeRolicyclidine, also known as PCPy, is a dissociative with effects similar to PCP. While this dissociative anesthetic has hallucinogenic and sedative effects, it is said to be much less stimulating than PCP. In this sense it is more similar to opioids, or other central nervous system depressants.pcpy
RTI-111stimulantresearch chemicaltentativehabit formingStimulant of the Phenyltropane class that acts as a SNDRI. Presumably it will have a slightly slower onset and bit longer duration than its parent compound Cocaine. Yet being the Tropane analogue of 3,4-CTMP.dichloropane
ScopolaminedelirianttentativeThe main active compound in Datura, medium and high doses have serious side effects and cause extremely unpleasant deleriant hallucinations. Avoid it.
SinicuichipsychedelictentativeA perennial shrub with small narrow leaves and yellow flowers growing up to ~1.5 meters. Known under many different names. Has been used for Shamanic purposes by natives in Central America and Mexico. Mostly auditory based.sini,shrubby-yellowcrest,sun-opener,heimia-salicifolia,willow-leaf-heimia
Sulbutiaminetentativestimulanthabit formingsupplementA thiamine derivative nootropic and stimulant drug. Caution should be used as Sulbutiamine reduces dopamine output over time with consistant usage.sulbut,arcalion,enerion,bisibuthiamine,youvitan
TH-PVPtentativeresearch chemicalstimulanthabit formingA pyrovalerone stimulant related to α-PVP and Naphyrone. Very little information about effects or safety profile, virtually no evidence of human use.
Tiletaminedissociativeresearch chemicaltentativehabit formingA relatively rare dissociative anesthetic, pharmacologically classified as an NMDA receptor antagonist. It is related to other anesthetics in this family such as Ketamine and phencyclidine. Has been used to cut Ketamine, in which case it may cause additional nausea. In Veterinary practice it is mixed with Zolazolam, a potent anaesthetic at a 1:1 ratio.telazol
TMA-2psychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeTrimethoxyamphetamine-2, a psychedelic Amphetamine and stimulant first synthesised by Alexander Shulgin. An uncommon compound of similar activity to other psychedelic amphetamines. Short history of human use.
TMA-6psychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeA rarely seen Psychedelic Amphetamine and Mescaline analogue. First synthesised by Alexander Shulgin, who descrived it as "one of the most rewarding and pleasurable of the methoxylated amphetamines."
Tolibutdepressant habit formingresearch chemicaltentativeAnalogue of GABA, and the 4-methyl analogue of Phenibut. Has similar effects, acts on GABA(B).
Troparilstimulantresearch chemicaltentativehabit formingA stimulant and dopamine reuptake inhibitor developed in the 1970s, it is frequently used in scientific research but has seen little usage outside of the lab. Similar effects to Cocaine, though much longer and without any local anaesthetic action. Probably hard on the nose.
U-49900opioiddissociativeresearch chemicaltentativeA substance that is an analogue of U-47700, yet doesn't share much with it. If you are interested in trying it, I recommend reading this. https://www.reddit.com/r/researchchemicals/comments/5gbo3e/u49900_experiment_and_warning/
U-51754tentativeopioiddissociativedepressant research chemicalA very potent opioid, that seems to have a fair bit of κ-opioid action. So Dyshopria, Auditory hallucinations can be an effect. Is an analogue of U-47700.methene-u47700,methene-u-47700
Valerylfentanylopioiddepressant research chemicaltentativehabit formingOpioid that is a higher homologue of Butyrfentanyl with greatly reduced potency.vf
ViloxazinestimulanttentativeNRI that was used as an antidepressant in some European countries, and had a pronouced stimulant effect similar to amphetamines without any signs of dependence. Withdrawn in the early 2000s.
W-15opioidresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativedepressant A potent opioid that is 5.4x more potent than Morphine. Has a distinct structure unrelated to nearly all other opioid compounds.
α-PBPstimulantresearch chemicalhabit formingtentativeStimulant that is the homologue between α-PPP and α-PVP.a-pbp,alpha-pbp
βH-2C-Bpsychedelicresearch chemicaltentativeβ-Hydroxy-2C-B is a novel analogue of 2C-B that is a bit less potent and has a longer duration. It's thought to be the active metabolite of βk-2C-B.beta-hydroxy-2c-b,bh-2c-b,bh-2cb,bohb,boh-2c-b,boh-2cb

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