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Basic Information


A family of plants containing various Tropane alkaloids. Produces long-lasting deliriant effects including very realistic and often unpleasant hallucinations along with short-term amnesia. Datura plants are toxic to humans, and potency varies greatly from plant-to-plant, making the drug extremely difficult to dose safely. Not typically regarded as recreational.


Depressants are drugs which reduce arousal and stimulation in the user, characterised by a depressing of mental and physical functions.

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Drugs marked as tentative are those our team wasn't able to find much reliable information about. This is often because the drug is very new. Information listed under these drugs should not be entirely trusted.


Deliriants are considered to be true hallucinogens, because the visuals they produce are hard or impossible to tell apart from reality; they are also known for negative physical effects.

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All ROAs
Onset60-120 minutes
Duration12-72+ hours
After-effects24-72 hours


surreal interactions with world, hallucinations, dry mouth, nausea, fear, anxiety, amnesia, difficulty breathing, confusion, delirium


Yes. Just avoid it.


Datura can be incredibly dangerous, dosing can be hard to determine and caution should be used. In general this drug should be avoided.

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No interaction information for Datura