Allobarbitalbarbituratetentativedepressanthabit-formingIs a barbiturate that was first made in 1912. It was primilary used as an anticonvulsant. Yet it has pretty much been outclassed by a newer generation of safer ones. Still in use in Poland.
Amobarbitaldepressanthabit-formingbarbiturateA sedative and hypnotic barbiturate first discovered in 1923. Formerly widely used recreationally and medically, barbiturates have declined in popularity with the appearance of benzodiazepines and other drugs with less serious consequences in overdose.
Barbitalbarbituratehabit-formingdepressantThe first commercially available barbiturate. Was used commonly as a sleeping aid until the 1950s.
Hexobarbitalbarbituratedepressanthabit-formingtentativeIs a barbiturate that was once used for inducing anesthesia for surgery. It has a very rapid onset, and a short duration of effects.
Pentobarbitaldepressanthabit-formingbarbiturateA CNS depressant drug that is of the barbituate class. Typically not used often as it is easier to OD on than benzodiazepines, the new alternative to barbituates. Used often for insomnia, to cause sedation.nembutal,novopentobarb
Phenobarbitaldepressanthabit-formingbarbiturateCNS depressant that is used mostly for insomnia (In older patients) and epliepsy (in younger patients) And it a very strong narcotic, that can be taken most ways. It's used less as "safer" alternatives have been made (Benzodiazepines).pheno,phenobarbitone,luminal
Secobarbitaldepressanthabit-formingbarbiturateA Barbiturate derivative that possesses all the classic effects of todays Benzodiazepines, and the old Barbiturates. It's used in the treatment of Epilepsy, short term treatment for insomnia, and a preoperative medication for anaesthesia and anxiolysis for short surgical/diagnostic/therapeutic procedures.seconal
Thiopentalbarbituratehabit-formingdepressantBarbiturate that kicks in very quickly, that is used to Anesthesia, Medical induced comas among other things.
Tuinalbarbituratedepressanthabit-formingBrand name of a combination drug of two barbiturate salts (Secobarbital/Amobarbital) in equal amounts. It was introduced in the late 1940's.tuinol,chirstmas-trees,rainbows,beans,nawls,jeebs

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