These drugs pose a higher risk of causing habit forming behaviour, take particular care with the amount and frequency they are taken.

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1,4-Butanedioldepressanthabit-forming1,4-BD is a clear liquid with intoxicating effects. It is a pro-drug for GHB, and has similar though reportedly inferior effects. It also carries the potential for more health risks than GHB, such as liver damage and neurotoxicity.bd,1,4-bd,14bd
2-AIstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeShort acting stimulant that is sometimes compared to the likes of Methamphetamine. It is a rigid analogue of Amphetamine, and also partially substitutes for the prior in rat discrimination studies. 2ai,2-aminoindan
2-DPMPstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeA very potent stimulant that is a NDRI. Developed by Novartis in the 1950s, to treat narcolepsy and ADHD, however dropped when Methylphenidate was produced a few years later, which was seen as superior due to its shorter T½. 2-DPMP Half life 16-20 hours. Warning: subjective reports suggest this drug is caustic to the nasal mucosa and may cause damage to the nasal cavity.desoxypipradrol,2dpmp,2-desoxypiperadol,desoxypipradol
2-FAstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingStimulant drug of the amphetamine family. Reported as having effects similar to those of Dextroamphetamine, but with a milder euphoria and a comparatively smoother comedown. Has a shorter duration and less empathogenic effect-profile as compared with 4-FA. Thought to produce less neurotoxic metabolites compared to amphetamine.2-fluoroamphetamine,2-fmp,2fa
2-FDCKtentativedissociativehabit-formingDissociative anesthetic of the arylcyclohexylamine class. Seemingly on par with ketamine in dosage. Longer onset than the prior.2f-ketamine,2f-ket,2-fluorodeschloroketamine,2-fl-2'-oxo-pcm,2f-dck,2fket,2fdck
2-FMAstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingA long-acting stimulant often compared to lisdexamphetamine. Thought to lack some of amphetamine's neurotoxic metabolites. Very functional, and for this reason it is commonly used for studying.2fma
2-MECstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeCathinone which some users report to feel like a weaker MDMA with a shorter onset.
2-methyl-2-butanolhabit-formingdepressanttentativeA tertiary alcohol that has sedative, hypnotic, and anxiolytic effects. It is also roughly 20x more potent than Ethanol by weight.2m2b
2-MAstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeAlso known as Ortetamine, this rarely seen amphetamine is approximately 1/10th as potent as dextroamphetamine. Little information exists regarding its safety or effects.2-ma
2-MMCstimulanthabit-formingtentativeresearch-chemicalA cathinone, yet the effects are noted more of the likes of 2-FA or amphetamine. Which apparently left people dissapointed.
2-MPPPresearch-chemicalhabit-formingstimulanttentativeA novel stimulant that is similar to methcathinone.n-piperidinecathinone
2-PAstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeAmphetamine with the alpha-methyl replaced by ketone. Very few reports. Also no information on the safety of this compound. As always treat with caution.2-phenylacetamide
2-PTAstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentative4-Methylamphetamine with the alpha-methyl replaced by ketone. Very few reports. Also no information of the safety of this compound. As always treat with caution.4-methyl-2-pa,2-(p-tolyl)acetamide
3,4-CTMPstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingA strong stimulant, NDRI and analogue of methylphenidate. Has increased in popularity in recent years. Said to be seven times more potent than methylphenidate but with a slower onset, however discrimination studies have found it to be more addictive than cocaine.34ctmp,3,4-dichloromethylphenidate
3-CMCstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeA rarely seen halogenated cathinone drug. Likely to be a stimulant, possibly an entactogen. (Note: The amphetamine analogue of this drug, 4-CA, is a highly dangerous neurotoxin, no data about the safety of this one, but should likely be avoided)3cmc
3-FAstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeA stimulant that is close to equipotent with methamphetamine and acts as a monoamine releasing agent , but has more selectivity for dopamine/noradrenaline over serotonin.3fa
3-FEAstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeA novel fluorinated amphetamine with serotonergic properties. Effects are similar to 4-FA, in that it provides slight dopamine and norepinephrine release or reuptake inhibition, as well as serotonin release and reuptake inhibition. Effects on the serotonin side are more pronounced than dopamine and norepinephrine, the latter two being almost negligibly.
3-FMAstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingStimulant drug in the amphetamine family3fma
3-FMCstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingA stimulant drug related to mephedrone. A member of the cathinone class, it is also an amphetamine. Effects similar to other drugs of its class, may possess high addiction potential. May be a monoamine releaser, reuptake inhibitor or both.
3-FPMstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingA functional stimulant related to phenmetrazine. Effects similar to amphetamine, but longer and more focused. Observed as being relatively benign in low doses, but seems to cause worrying health effects for heavy users. Pain from insufflation is eye-wateringly intense, but short.3fpm,3-fph,3f-phenmetrazine,3f-p,3fp,pal-593
3-HO-PCEdissociativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeA rare and very potent PCP analogue, eight times more potent than PCP as NMDA receptor antagonist and also a μ-opioid receptor agonist. Similar in structure to methoxetamine.3hopce
3-HO-PCPdissociativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeAn arylcyclohexamine dissociative analogue of PCP, this drug is relatively uncommon, and little information is available. It is reported to not only have dissociative activity but also be an opioid. Some trip reports suggest very negative side-effects including intense muscle tension.3hopcp
3-MECstimulantresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingAnother cathinone based stimulant, that is weaker than 4-MEC. Very few reports since it is quite unpopular.
3-MeO-PCEdissociativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentative3-MeO-PCP with a change of a ring replacement. Slightly more potent than 3-MeO-PCP.3meopce,methoxyieticyclidine
3-MeO-PCPdissociativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingcommonA potent dissociative often compared to MXE but with a longer duration, much less sedating effects and causing an overall different experience. Users have reported effects as being similar to PCP. Roughtly ten times more potent than 4-MeO-PCP.3meopcp
3-MeO-PCPRdissociativetentativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingThis is the N-Propyl homologue of 3-MeO-PCE. It is slightly less potent than PCP. Yet seems slightly less manic inducing.
3-MeO-PCPYdissociativehabit-formingtentativeresearch-chemical3-Methoxy analogue of Rolicyclidine (PCPy) less opioid effects than Phenylcyclidine (PCP) Yet still prominent.
3-MeOMCstimulanthabit-formingempathogenA cathinone that has a short history of human use.
3-MMCstimulanthabit-formingempathogenA euphoric stimulant similar to mephedrone but said to lack much of the "magic." Never gained the same popularity. Slightly less potent.3mmc,3-methylmethcathinone,3methylmethcathinone,3-meph,3-mephedrone
3-OH-PHENAZEPAMtentativeresearch-chemicalbenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantThe 3-OH analogue of Phenazepam, which cuts the half life down quite a bit. Psychoactive effects are mostly lead by its metabolites, rather than the drug itself.3-ho-phenazepam,3hophenazepam,3ohphenazepam,3-ho-p,3hop,3-oh-p,3ohp,3-hydroxyphenazepam
4,4-DMARstimulantempathogenhabit-formingtentativeVery closely related stimulant to Aminorex and Pemoline. Was sold as a designer drug for quite awhile under the brand name "Serotoni" has been linked to at least 31 deaths. It is a potent SNDRA.serotoni,4,4-dmap
4-Benzylpiperidinestimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeA dopamine releasing agent with weak serotonin releasing properties. Little evidence of human use. Potentially dangerous in overdose given MAOI + monoamine releasing properties.4-pmpd
4-CBCstimulantresearch-chemicalempathogenhabit-formingIs a potentially very neurotoxic Cathinone. Obviously no scientic reports have been noted on the neurotoxicity or cardiotoxicity, so please move on with extreme caution.
4-CMCstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-forming(Note this work is going off just a few users inputs, so take all of this with a grain of salt) The cathinone analogue of 4-CMA which is highly neurotoxic. It is not known if the cathinone family holds the same neurotoxicity problem as with the parent compound.4cmc
4-EMCstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingA stimulant that is a structural isomer of 4-MEC.4-ethylmethcathinone
4-EPDstimulanthabit-formingtentativeAn obscure analogue of Pentedrone, which means very little information on this chemical. It is likely is shares the same general effects of the other Pentedrone family.4-ethylpentedrone
4-FAstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingempathogencommonAn empathogen commonly used in place of MDMA, having a similar duration of empathogenic effects. This drug, however, has a longer stimulant "tail," during which effects are more like those of amphetamines. Not to be confused with 4-FMA, which has a similar potency, but is not particularly empathogenic.4-Fluoroamphetamine,4fa,4-fmp,4-fluoroamphetamine
4-Fluoroethylphenidatestimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeA more potent and longer lasting analogue of Ethylphenidate.4f-eph,4-feph
4-Fluoromethylphenidatestimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeA relatively uncommon, more serotonergic RC derivative of methylphenidate. A dopamine reuptake inhibitor possessing similar effects to associated stimulant compounds.4f-mph,4-fmph,4fmph,4-fl-mph,4-fluoro-mph
4-Fluoropentedronestimulantresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingAn obscure analogue of pentedrone, little information exists about this cathinone. It is likely that it has the same general effects as pentedrone, mephedrone and other related stimulants.4-fpd,4-f-pentedrone,4f-pentedrone
4-FMAstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingempathogenA stimulant with some empathogenic properties, and analogue of Methamphetamine with similar effects. Reported to be less effective than 2-FMA and related compounds. Little is known about the pharmacological effects of this compound. Not to be confused with 4-FA, which has a different effect profile, despite similar potency.4-fluromethamphetamine,4fma
4-FMCstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingA cathinone stimulant also known as flephedrone, appeared in 2008 marketed as a mephedrone replacement. With some mild empathogenic effects, it failed to achieve widespread popularity.4-fluoromethcathinone,fpephedrone,flephedrone,4fmc
4-MECstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingA substituted cathinone stimulant; little is known about its safety or subjective effects. It is believed to have similar effects to mephedrone, but with a lower potency and a stronger stimulating character.4-Methylethcathinone,4mec,4-methylethcathinone
4-MeO-Butyrfentanyltentativeresearch-chemicalopioidhabit-formingRare and basically unknown opioid and fentanyl analogue (not to be confused with Butyrfentanyl). Virtually no reliable information exists, safe dosages are unknown. Exercise extreme caution. Overdose may result in respiratory depression. Do not mix with stimulants or depressants.4-meo-bf
4-MeO-PCPdissociativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingAn arylcyclohexamine dissociative anaesthetic related to PCP. First discovered in the 1960s by Parke-Davis, it was introduced to the RC market in 2008. Reported to be less potent than PCP. It is not commonly seen, but has seen some increase in popularity with the inavailability of other dissociatives.4meopcp
4-METHYLAMINOREXstimulanthabit-formingtentativeresearch-chemicalA very potent stimulant that has quite a long duration of action at around 16 hours.
4-Methylmethylphenidatestimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeA stimulant drug related to methylphenidate and also known as 4-Me-TMP, it has demonstrated lower dopamine reuptake inhibition properties and is potentially less potent. Has been subjectively described as very similar in feel to MPH.4-mmph,4-me-tmp,4-metmp
4-MPDtentativestimulanthabit-formingStimulant of the cathinone class. Higher homologue of Mephedrone, and the p-Methyl analogue of Pentedrone.
4F-PHPstimulantresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-forming4-Fluoro analogue of a-PHP, yet seems to have less mania attachted to it. Dose is near on par.
4F-PVPtentativestimulanthabit-formingFluornated analogue of a-PVP. Seems to be slightly less weaker than it's parent compound.4f-a-pvp,pfpvp
5-APBpsychedelicstimulantresearch-chemicalempathogenhabit-formingA triple monoamine reuptake inhibitor. This agonism for 5-HT2B makes it likely that 5-APB would be cardiotoxic with long term use, as seen in other 5-HT2B agonists such as fenfluramine and MDMA.5apb
5-APDBstimulantpsychedelicresearch-chemicalempathogenhabit-formingAn entactogenic amphetamine stimulant with similar structure and effects to MDMA. An analogue of MDA, it is a highly selective serotonin releaser but inhibits reuptake of serotonin (weakly), dopamine and norepinephrine.
5-BPDIhabit-formingresearch-chemicalstimulanttentativeAn analogue of a-PHP, which has been described as having an extremely similar effect profile, with some users noting that it may be slightly lighter and with less of an urge to redose. However, little record of the safety of human use exists.
5-DBFPVtentativestimulanthabit-formingresearch-chemicalStimulant of the cathinone class. Analogue of MDPV where the methylenedioxyphenyl group was replaced with a dihydrobenzofuran.
5-EAPBstimulantpsychedelicresearch-chemicalempathogenhabit-formingA empathogen sold as a replacement to 5-MAPB after it was banned in the UK, but said to be less enjoyable and never gained much popularity.5eapb
5-IAIstimulantpsychedelicresearch-chemicalhabit-formingempathogenA monoamine triple releaser first synthesised by David Nichols, possesses similar properties to MDMA. Probably neurotoxic in humans, however the extent of this is unclear.5iai
5-ITstimulantpsychedelicresearch-chemicalhabit-formingempathogenAn empathogenic stimulant with a very long duration, prone to cause overheating and potentially quite dangerous. Related to αMT, though described as being less psychedelic and with much stronger stimulating effects.5-api
5-MAPBpsychedelicstimulantresearch-chemicalempathogenhabit-formingAn empathogen structurally similar to MDMA. Typically more visual than MDMA. Often reported to be much less stimulating and more relaxing than most other stimulating empathogens. Less psychedelic than 6-APB. Much longer lasting than MDMA.5mapb
5-PPDIstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeAn obscure analogue of α-PBP, which is itself an analogue of α-PVP. This rare compound has little history of human usage. Some trip reports suggest it is inactive. If it is active it likely has a similar effect profile to other pyrovalerone stimulants.
5F-AKB48research-chemicaltentativehabit-formingA synthetic cannabanoid that is a Indazole. Produces subjective effects somehwat similar to that of Cannabis, yet with a very short duration. Analogue of STS-135, in which the core indole structure is subbed with an indazole base.5f-apinaca,5fapinaca,5fakb48
5F-PB-22tentativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingSynthetic cannabinoid, agonist of the cannabinoid receptors which has a strong sedating aspect. Being a synthetic cannabinoid it has a very fast onset.
6-APBstimulantpsychedelicresearch-chemicalempathogenhabit-formingA stimulant, empathogen and analog of MDA. Typically more visual than MDMA or MDA, as well as having a much longer onset and duration. Users often report a slightly more psychedelic headspace as well. Commonly sold as an alternative to MDMA and MDA.6apb
6-APDBstimulantpsychedelicresearch-chemicalempathogenhabit-formingA stimulant and entactogen related to MDMA and an analogue of MDA. Reported as being fairly psychedlic at higher doses. It is a triple monoamine reuptake inhibitor. Potent full agonist of serotonin 2B receptors.4-desoxy-mda
6-EAPBstimulantpsychedelicresearch-chemicalempathogenhabit-formingA rare entactogen benzofuran structurally related to MDMA and 6-APB, though weaker in effects. the pharmacology of this compound is unclear. Likely to be a monoamine releaser, monoamine reuptake inhibitor or both.
6-MAPBstimulantpsychedelicresearch-chemicalempathogenhabit-formingEmpathogen drug that is structurally related to 6-APB and MDMA.
6-MDDMopioidhabit-formingtentativedepressantSemisynthetic opioid that is a derivative of Hydromorphone with little history of human use. Roughly around ~80x the potency of Morphine. Structurally related to Desomorphine.6-methylenedihydrodesoxymorphine
A-PIHPstimulantempathogenhabit-formingresearch-chemicaltentativeQuite new Pyrrolidine based stimulant of the cathinone class. Not very many reports. Probably has a very fast tolerance raise, and lack of effects over time.pihp
α-PVPstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingA potent, short-lasting pyrovalerone-type stimulant which became popular despite often being said to not be particularly euphoric, perhaps due to its propensity to cause compulsive redosing. Effects should be similar to MDPV.alpha-pvp,apvp,alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone,flocka,flakka,α-pvp,αpvp
α-PVTstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeA rare stimulant drug related to a-PVP, very uncommon. Probably less potent than a-PVP, however little data exists on this compound or its effects on humans.apvt
AB-CHMINACAresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeA synthetic cannabinoid related to AB-FUBINACA which has had some mild popularity. There have been reports of death in overdose, similar to AB-FUBINACA and it has a low threshold dose. Exercise caution.
AB-FUBINACAresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativecommonArguably the most common synthetic cannabinoid, AB-FUBINACA was originally developed by Pfizer as an analgesic, but has since abandoned for medical use. It has since found a following in the RC community, however it's extremely high potency and inclusion in synthetic blends makes it dangerous, and it has killed in overdose. Exercise caution.ab-fub
Acetylfentanylopioidresearch-chemicalhabit-formingdepressantAcetyl-Fentanyl is an opioid analgesic substance that is an analogue of Fentanyl. It's potency is roughly ~6.67 times that of Morphine. Making it ~15 times less potent than its parent compound Fentanyl.acetyl-fentanyl,a-f
Acrylfentanylopioidresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativedepressantA rare opioid and fentanyl analogue (not to be confused with acetyl-fentanyl), this drug is a powerful and potent analgesic. Little reliable information exists, even for basic usage such as dosage. Exercise extreme caution. Overdose may result in respiratory depression. Do not mix with depressants or stimulants. Potentially neurotoxic and carcinogenic.
Adderallstimulanthabit-formingcommonA mixture of 75% dextroamphetamine and 25% levoamphetamine. Commonly used to treat obesity, narcolepsy and ADHD. It is also used widely either as a recreational stimulant or study-aid, particularly in the USA where it is frequently prescribed.aderal,aderall,adderal,d-amphetamine,d-amph
Adinazolamdepressanthabit-formingtentativeBenzodiazepine derivative that has some antidepressant properties. Never FDA approved, yet however has been sold as a research chemical.deracyn
Adrafinilstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingnootropicA prodrug to modafinil, this compound is often used to increase wakefulness and alertness. Due to hepatic metabolism it has a slower onset than modafinil and may cause liver damage in excess. Some users have reported acne as an adverse effect. Unregulated in the US.
Afloqualonedepressanthabit-formingtentativeA rare analogue of methaqualone, a sedative, intoxicating drug. Similar effects to benzodiazepines, barbiturates and alcohol. Never widely used due to photosensitivity and skin irritation issues, though it has seem some popularity in Japan.
AH-7921opioidresearch-chemicalhabit-formingdepressantOpioid analgesic that is selective for the μ-opioid receptor. It has around 80% the potency of Morphine when taken orally.ah7921
Alcoholdepressanthabit-formingcommonAlcohol is a CNS depressant that acts through the GABAₐ receptor, and is one of the most common strong psychoactives used by humans. It has a long history of use and its intoxicating effects are well-studied and documented. It remains legal in most parts of the world.etoh,beer,ethanol,booze,hooch
Allobarbitalbarbituratetentativedepressanthabit-formingIs a barbiturate that was first made in 1912. It was primilary used as an anticonvulsant. Yet it has pretty much been outclassed by a newer generation of safer ones. Still in use in Poland.
α-PHPstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeA powerful stimulant cathinone, analogue of alpha-PVP and related to pyrovalerone. Said to have high addictive potential, compulsive redosing and relatively short duration. Often insufflated or vapourised.pv-7,a-php,aphp,α-php,αphp
Alprazolambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantcommonAn extremely common benzodiazepine better known as Xanax, frequently prescribed for the treatment of anxiety and panic disorders. Alprazolam is short-lasting and primarily anxiolytic, though also possesses hypnotic properties. At high doses amnesia and loss of inhibition are common. Do not mix with other depressants.xanax,prazolam,ksalol,niravam
AM-2201research-chemicaltentativehabit-formingA synthetic cannabanoid that is very potent. Active doses start at around 250ug's. Please be cautious with this substance. It has also been noted that it can cause convulsions.am2201
Amfonelic acidstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingnootropicA dopaminergic stimulant discovered by Sterling-Winthrop accidentally while developing antibiotics. Discontinued due to undesirable stimulant effects, it has had some popularity as a recreational drug.aa,afa,win25978
Aminorexstimulanthabit-formingtentativeIs an anorectic stimulant drug that was taken of the market after it was found to cause pulmonary hypertension. Potency wise it has been found to be roughly 2.5 times more potent than dextroamphetamine.
Amobarbitaldepressanthabit-formingbarbiturateA sedative and hypnotic barbiturate first discovered in 1923. Formerly widely used recreationally and medically, barbiturates have declined in popularity with the appearance of benzodiazepines and other drugs with less serious consequences in overdose.
Amphetaminestimulanthabit-formingcommonA very popular CNS stimulant available on prescription and black markets. Recreational in high doses, producing mild euphoria and an abundance of energy. Popular in eastern europe and the US.speed,pepp,amphetamines,amphetamin,amfetamine,amph,hearts,pep
Armodafinilstimulantnootropichabit-formingThe more potent of the two modafinil isomers, said to have a longer duration and lesser side effects. Sometimes prescribed for ADHD and daytime sleepiness.nuvigil
Baclofendepressanthabit-formingAlso known as Lioresal, Baclofen is a GABAb receptor agonist and central nervous system depressant used to treat spasticity, and holds promise as a treatment for alcoholism. It exhibits mild intoxicating effects similar to phenibut or pregabalin.gablofen
Barbitalbarbituratehabit-formingdepressantThe first commercially available barbiturate. Was used commonly as a sleeping aid until the 1950s.
Bentazepambenzodiazepinedepressanthabit-formingThienodiazepine that is an effective anxiolyric. Liver damage among other nasty things have been reported.thiadipone,tiadipona
Bromadolopioiddepressanthabit-formingtentativeA very potent opioid that has an arylcyclohexylamine structure. Intial studies estimated that it was ~10,000x Morphine in animal studies. However that value has since decreased to ~504 times the potency of morphine for the trans-isomer.bdpc
Bromazepambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantA benzodiazepine drug with a medium-long duration, developed by Roche in the 1960s. Has primarily anxiolytic properties. May cause lowered inhibitions and amnesia in high doses.lectopam,lexilium,lexotan,brazepam,lexotanil
Bromazolambenzodiazepineresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingA rather novel Benzodiazepine that is structurally quite close to Alprazolam.xli-268,xli268
Brotizolamdepressantbenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantBenzodiazepine analogue which is sedating, hypnotic and anxiolytic. It is available as prescription medicine in much of Europe, and is an extremely potent drug active at only 80ug. May cause amnesia and lowered inhibitions in overdose. Danger of respiratory depression when combined with other depressants. Short half life.lendormin
Buphedronestimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingA cathinone stimulant first discovered in 1928, has gained some modest popularity as a mephedrone replacement. Said to be to be around 2-3x more potent than methcathinone.
Buprenorphineopioidhabit-formingdepressantA semi-synthetic opioid analgesic also known as subutex. Often administered as Butrans patches, or in combination with Naloxone as Suboxone, a heroin replacement therapy drug. Will cause withdrawals if you have an opioid tolerance and don't wait long enough (typically around 48 hours) before taking this.suboxone,subs,bupe
Bupropionstimulanthabit-formingA frequently prescribed atypical antidepressant. Occasionally prescribed as an aid to smoking cessation. May lower seizure threshold in predisposed individuals. Poorly understood mechanism of action, probably an NDRI. Avoid combination with other drugs.wellbutrin,zyban,amfebutamone
Butylonepsychedelicstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingempathogenEmpathogen and stimulant of the cathinone class.bk-mbdb,b1,bk-methyl-j
Butyrfentanylopioidresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativedepressantPotent short-acting opioid and fentanyl analogue. Often dispensed in a nasal spray. This is an highly potent drug - exercise extreme caution. May cause respiratory depression and death in overdose.bf,b-f
BZPstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingA stimulant that was sold as "legal ecstasy" in the late 2000s, and was one of the first drugs widely marketed as a "research chemical." It has a much less favourable effect profile and has fallen out of popularity greatly since it was banned in many countries.
Caffeinestimulanthabit-formingnootropiccommonCaffeine is a a CNS stimulant, and also the most widely used psychoactive substance in the world. It is legal and unregulated in most parts of the world, and is found in many commonly sold products. It has a good safety profile, though regular heavy use can cause physical dependence and contribute to certain medical conditions.coffee
Camazepambenzodiazepinehabit-formingtentativedepressantA benzodiazepine drug that is stronger in terms of anxiety relief than it is in terms of how hypnotic it is. It is a metabolite of diazepam and has limited anticonvulsant properties.albego,limpidon,paxor
Cannabisdepressantstimulantpsychedelichabit-formingcommonA common and widely used psychoactive plant, which is beginning to enjoy legal status for medical and even recreational use in some parts of the world. Usually smoked or eaten, primary effects are relaxation and an affinity towards food - a state described as being 'stoned.'weed,thc,marijuana,dagga,hash
Carisoprodoldepressanthabit-formingA skeletal muscle relaxant drug also known as Soma, carisoprodol has limited recreational value, however its main metabolite meprobamate has some moderate tranquilising properties. Sometimes found in concoctions with codeine or caffeine.soma
Chloral betainedepressanthabit-formingSedative-hypnotic drug that was introduced into the United States in the 60's. Betaine complex with Chloral hydrate, thus makes it act as an extended version of Chloral hydrate then to Trichloroethanol, which is responsible for most of its effects.
Chloroformdepressanthabit-formingtentativeA naturally occurring organic compound once used as an anaesthetic. Has practically disappeared in this usage due to numerous harmful effects including danger of sudden death through cardiac arrhythmia. Has been implicated in numerous murders. Highly unsafe.
Cinolazepamdepressanthabit-formingA benzodiazepine derivative drug with anxiolytic effects but mainly hypnotic effects. It is extremely effective for sleep aid but has mild euphoria compared to other benzosgeroderm
Clobazambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantA long acting benzodiazepine which focuses primarily on anxiolytic and anticonvulsant properties. It is used medically to treat epilepsy, and this along with its relatively many negative side-effects and contraindications in comparison with other benzodiazepines means it isn't frequently used recreationally.frisium
Clomethiazoledepressantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeStructurally related to Thiamine (vitamin B1), but with binding potential at the GABAa site, which causes it to produce effects most like those of a barbiturate: an effective sedative and hypnotic. Originally developed by Hoffman-LaRoche in the 1930s, it has seen use as a treatment for acute alcohol withdrawal.
Clonazepambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantcommonA medium-length common prescription benzodiazepine, often used to treat panic attacks because of its relatively fast sublingual onset. Primarily anxiolytic, but also possessing of other benzo traits.klonopin,kpin
Clonazolambenzodiazepineresearch-chemicalhabit-formingdepressantcommonA long lasting benzodiazepine with heavily hypnotic effects. The safety profile is not well established, and there have been reports that people taking it three days in a row have had a seizure. Most comparable to Triazolam, but with a much longer half-life.c-lam,clam
Cloniprazepambenzodiazepinedepressanthabit-formingtentativeProdrug for Clonazepam.
Clonitazeneopioidhabit-formingdepressantresearch-chemicalAn opioid that is roughly three times as potent as Morphine. Is related to Etonitazene, which is about 1000-1500x the potency of Morphine.
Clorazepatedepressantbenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantIs a prodrug for Desmethyldiazepam which is responsible for most of the therapeutic effects. Has a long half life, with the addition of Desmethyldiazepam as the main metabolite, which makes it much longer.tranxene,novo-clopate,tranzene
Clotiazepambenzodiazepinehabit-formingtentativedepressantIs a thienodiazepine substance. It differs from most other benzodiazepines in which the benzene ring has been replaced by a thiophene ring.clozan,distensan,trecalmo,rize,rizen,veratran
Cloxazolamdepressanthabit-formingBenzodiazepine derivate that is metabolised into Delorazepam. Which is where most of its effects come from.
Cocainestimulanthabit-formingcommonA highly popular, short acting CNS stimulant that works by blocking the reuptake of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. It is known to increase euphoria, confidence, sex-drive, focus, body temperature, and heart rate. Cocaine can cause severe vasoconstriction and is known to be cardiotoxic and have a high potential for compulsive redosing and addiction.coke
Codeineopioidhabit-formingdepressantcommonCodeine is a weaker opioid used to treat mild to moderate pain and to relieve cough. In many countries it is available over the counter in combination with paracetamol, which can easily be extracted to retrieve near-pure codeine. For this reason, it is used widely as a recreational opioid. It is metabolised into morphine in the body at a rate of 5% mg for mg.
Cyclo-Methiodroneempathogenstimulanthabit-formingresearch-chemicaltentativeEmpathogen with strong stimulant effects, very loosely related to benzylpiperidine.
Cyclobenzaprinedepressanthabit-formingcommonMuscle relaxant and CNS depressant used to relieve skeletal muscle spasms and associated pain in acute musculoskeletal conditions. Sometimes prescribed off-label for treatment of fibromyalgia or as a sleep aid. Has little recreational value alone, but may potentiate some opioids. May cause drowsiness, dry mouth and dizziness.flexeril,apo-cyclobenzaprin,fexmid,novo-cycloprine
CYCLOPENTYL-FENTANYLopioidtentativeresearch-chemicaldepressanthabit-formingAn analogue of fentanyl that is unknown in literature, seems to be less potent than its former being Acetyl-Fentanyl. Yet reports have yet to surface. Be careful.cp-f,cpf
D2PMstimulanthabit-formingtentativeAn NDRI, which is reported as being rather lackluster.diphenylprolinol
Delorazepambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantAlso known as chlordesmethyldiazepam, this uncommon benzodiazepine compound is primarily used for treatment of anxiety and alcohol withdrawal, due to its long half-life (60-140 hours). It is also the active metabolite of diclazepam and cloxazolam.nordiclazepam
Pethidineopioidhabit-formingdepressantA phenylpiperidine opioid first synthesised by Otto Eisleb in 1939, better known by the names meperidine and pethidine. An analgesic, once widely prescribed it has since declined in usage due to the discovery of a toxic metabolite - norpethidine. Also reacts dangerously with many drugs.pethidine,meperidine
Deschloroetizolambenzodiazepineresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativedepressantA Thienodiazepine which is close to its parent compound, Etizolam, whilst being significantly weaker and longer lasting.etizolam-2
Deschloroketaminedissociativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeA novel analogue of Ketamine which is much more potent and has a longer duration.2'-oxo-pcm,dxe,dck,o-pcm,opcm,2-oxo-pcm
Desmethylflunitrazepamdepressantbenzodiazepinehabit-formingresearch-chemicalBenzodiazepine that is a metabolite of Flunitrazepam, and has been sold as a research chemical.fonazepam,ro05-4435,norflunitrazepam
Dexedrinestimulanthabit-formingcommonA highly abusable stimulant. It is rarely prescribed in the US to treat ADHD, and is very similar in effects to Adderall, as its main ingredient is 75% of what adderall is.dextroamphetamine,dexamfetamine
Dextropropoxypheneopioiddepressanthabit-formingAn opioid analgesic that is an optical isomer of levopropoxyphene. Used to treat mild pain and often used for its antitussive properties. It has been taken off the market in Europe and US due to concerns of health issues relating to the Kidney, Liver, Heart and Respiratory Disorders. Just a bit stronger than Tramadol.darvocet,co-proxamol,coproxamol,capadex,di-gesic
Diazepambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantcommonA very common and widely prescribed benzodiazepine with hypnotic and sedative qualities. The metre by which other benzodiazepines are compared. May cause amnesia and lowered inhibitions in excess. Has a relatively long half-life in comparison with other benzodiazepines.valium
Diclazepambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantA benzodiazepine drug and analogue of diazepam first synthesised by Leo Sternbach at Hoffman-LaRoche in 1960, it has become prominent as an RC benzodiazepine on the grey market in recent years, particularly with the decline in etizolam availability. A sedative and hypnotic it is of intermediate to long half life with similar effects to diazepam, though 10x more potent.
Diclofensinestimulantresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingA triple monoamine reuptake inhibitor developed by Hoffman-LaRoche in the 1970s as an antidepressant but discontinued, probably due to high abuse potential. Has not become popular as a recreational drug at this time. Acts as an SNDRI, mostly inhibits dopamine and noradrenaline.ro8-4650
Diethyl etherdepressanthabit-formingtentativeAn industrial solvent which is sometimes used recreationally as a dissociative anaesthetic, with a short length of action. Effects are similar to alcohol. Leaves one's breath tasting and smelling strongly of ether for much longer than the experience lasts.ether
Dihydrocodeineopioidhabit-formingdepressantA weak semi-synthetic opioid analgesic and antitussive (anti-cough) drug. Often sold as a syrup in combination with aspirin or paracetamol. Not to be confused with the slightly less potent codeine.dhc
Diphenidinedissociativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeA dissociative anaesthetic related to ephenidine with similar qualities to PCP and ketamine. Has seen some popularity as a recreational RC. Dosage curve has been reported as particularly steep, so care should be taken.dpd
Dipipanoneopioiddepressanthabit-formingdepressantA powerful opioid of equivalent strength to morphine, rarely seen outside of medical environments. Often used to treat severe pain where morphine is contraindicated. Usually found in combination with the antihistamine Cyclizine, which potentiates it.diconal
DMAAstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingnootropicAlso known as methylhexanamine, this sympathetomimetic drug was developed as a nasal decongestant by Eli Lilly in the 1940s. It has been used as a weight loss aid and missold as a dietary supplement and component of some energy drinks. Carries a risk of heart attack, stroke and other life-threatening cardiovascular issues.
DXMdissociativehabit-formingcommonCommonly found in certain over the counter cough medicines. Has dissociative effects similar to ketamine or MXE, though also shares properties with opioids and alcohol. Make sure DXM is the only active ingredient in the preparation.dextromethorphan,robo,syrup,robotussin,dex,robitussin
Ephedrinestimulanthabit-formingEphedrine is a sympathomimetic amine commonly used as a stimulant, concentration aid, decongestant, appetite suppressant, and to treat hypotension associated with anaesthesia. A methamphetamine analogue and commonly used in the production of methamphetamine.
Ephenidinedissociativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeA dissociative drug which is less potent and less confusing than MXE but with otherwise similar properties. Reported as causing light stimulant effects at lower doses.
Estazolambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantA rarely prescribed medium-duration prescription benzodiazepine. Mainly used as a hypnotic, it can cause amnesia and lowered inhibitions in excess.prosom,eurodin,elprazolam
Eszopiclonedepressanthabit-formingThe d-isomer of Zopiclone, this drug is a potent hypnotic 'Z' drug often used to treat insomnia. High doses may cause amnesia, delirium and lowered inhibitions. Should not be combined with any depressants. Limited recreational value.
Ethaqualonedepressantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingdepressantAnalogue of Methaqualone that was mostly marketed in France. Slightly weaker and shorter acting than the prior.etaqualone
Ethketaminedissociativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingEthketamine is a research chemical with properties similar to ketamine. While ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic producing hallucinogenic and sedative effects, recreational users have reported euphoria and dissociation when using NENK.n-ethyl-norketamine,nek,n-ethylnorketamine
Ethylcathinonestimulantpsychedelicresearch-chemicalhabit-formingEthylcathinone is a synthetic stimulant. It is similar to ecstasy in the sense that it provides euphoria, feelings of empathy and openness, and a desire to talk with others. It also carries over to some of the negative effects of ecstasy, such as insomnia, tightened jaw muscles, and grinding of the teeth.ethcathinone,e-cat,eth-cat
Ethylmorphineopioidhabit-formingdepressantA medium-strength opioid analgesic and analogue of morphine. Considered less potent than morphine but more potent than codeine, and has been used in Germany for this reason. Said to have a 'ceiling' effect where no more euphoria occurs with increased dosage. Under investigation as a maintainance drug in opioid dependence therapy.
Ethylonestimulantpsychedelicresearch-chemicalhabit-formingempathogenA euphoric stimulant often sold in place of MDMA since methylone was banned. Slightly less potent and empathogenic than methylone, it is often described as more of a 'straight stimulant.'bk-mdea
Ethylphenidatestimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingcommonPotent psychostimulant, similar to Methylphenidate. Note: Ethylphenidate should NOT be insufflated as it is known to be highly caustic and will cause serious harm to your nasal septum, even with light usage.eph
Etizolambenzodiazepineresearch-chemicalhabit-formingdepressantA thienodiazepine anxiolytic. Similar in action to benzodiazepine drugs. Relieves anxiety, causes sedation and mild euphoria. High doses can lead to losing memory of what happened while on the drug. Users often compulsively re-dose frequently leading to accidental blackouts. Can be found in pressed pharmaceutical pills from various countries, clandestine pill presses, or as a powderetiz,etizest,etilaam,sedekopan,depas,etizola,inxity,zoly,lamet,towa
Fentanylopioidhabit-formingdepressantFentanyl is a synthetic opiate analgesic with a rapid onset and short duration of action. It is a strong agonist at the μ-opioid receptors and is historically used to treat breakthrough pain. Fentanyl is approximately 100 times more potent than Morphine, and is commonly used as a patch. Sometimes used as an adulterant for heroin, which has led to many overdose deaths.fent
Flualprazolambenzodiazepinehabit-formingtentativeresearch-chemicalFluorinated alprazolam, that likely has a longer half-life and higher potency than its parent compound.
Flubromazepambenzodiazepineresearch-chemicalhabit-formingdepressantA somewhat common benzodiazepine drug known for its extreme duration, with effects for larger doses reaching up to three days. Sedative, hypnotic and anxiolytic, this compound is an analogue of Phenazepam. First discovered in the 1960s, it was never marketed as a licit drug, but has recently become available as an RC. Not to be confused with Flubromazolam.
Flubromazolambenzodiazepineresearch-chemicalhabit-formingdepressantA very potent benzodiazepine derivative that is related to Triazolam and Pyrazolam. Popular in the research chemical scene, it is a potent sedative, hypnotic and anxiolytic. Potential for amnesia and reduced inhibitions in higher dose. Not to be confused with Flubromazepam, which is much less potent and has a much longer half-life.f-lam,flam
Fluclotizolambenzodiazepinetentativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingA derivative of Etizolam. There are conflicting reports on its dosage, though claims have been made that it is approximately 3x the potency of Etizolam, with a shorter half-life.
Flunitrazepambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantKnown as Rohypnol or 'roofies,' this infamous drug has similar qualities to most other benzodiazepines; sedating with strong hypnotic effects. Despite being known as a 'date rape drug' has only been implicated in a small number of such crimes. Danger of respiratory depression in combination with other depressants. May cause amnesia and lowered inhibitions in overdose.roofies,rohypnol
Flunitrazolambenzodiazepinedepressanthabit-formingtentativeA very potent hypnotic Benzodiazepine. Triazolo version of Flunitrazepam.fln
Fluorolintaneresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativedissociativeA dissociative anaesthetic also known as 2-FPPP, very little is known about this obscure and rare drug. Reported by some to be stimulating, having effects similar to other dissociative drugs such as PCP and ketamine.
Fluorophenibuttentativedepressanthabit-formingAn anxiolytic analogue of GABA and Phenibut, with similar activity to the latter. Expected to be 5-10 times as potent as phenibut, some preliminary reports suggest tolerance builds more slowly.
Flurazepambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantBenzodiazepine with an extremely long half life, between 40 and 250 hours. Mainly used for general anxiety disorder. Sedating, hypnotic, anxiolytic. Potential for amnesia and reduced inhibitions in overdose.dalmane
Flutazolambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantA benzodiazepine derivative. It was invented in Japan, and has mainly stayed in that area. Similar potency to Diazepam, yet produces a more marked sedation and impaired coordination. Usually used as a treatment for Insomnia. A hypnotic and sedative which may cause amnesia and lowered inhibitions in high doses.
Flutoprazepambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantA potent benzodiazepine that is roughly 4-5x the potency of Diazepam and has a longer duration, rarely seen outside of Japan. Sedative, hypnotic and anxiolytic. May cause amnesia and loss of inhibitions in excess. Do not mix with other depressants.restas
Dexmethylphenidatestimulanthabit-formingcommonThe psychoactive isomer of methylphenidate, mostly used to treat ADHD. Twice as potent as methylphenidate, and is said to have cleaner psychostimulant effects with fewer side effects.dexmethylphenidate,dextromethylphenidate
Furanylfentanylresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeopioiddepressantAn extremely potent opioid analgesic and analogue of fentanyl. Concrete information is difficult to obtain about even basic properties like active dose, though it is believed to be slightly less potent and shorter in duration than butyrfentanyl. Exercise extreme caution. Will cause respiratory depression in overdose.fu-f,furanyl-fentanyl
Gabapentindepressanthabit-formingdepressantAn analogue of GABA also known as Neurontin, originally developed to treat epilepsy. Commonly prescribed for neuropathic pain, it also has pronounced anxiolytic effects leading to its use in treating anxiety disorders.neurontin
GBLdepressanthabit-formingcommonA pro-drug to GHB whose rapid absorption leads it to have a faster onset and shorter duration. Used in a similar manner to GHB, as a less-toxic alternative to alcohol. Consume slowly instead of as a "shot" to hugely improve safety and reduce overdose risk.
GHBdepressanthabit-formingcommonA euphoric depressant which is prescribed as a sleep aid and sometimes to help with Alcohol detox. Also used as a recreational depressant, as a non-toxic alternative to Alcohol. Despite not having Alcohol's toxicity it is risky due to among other things inconsistent concentration in commonly sold solution form, and can be very dangerous if taken with other depressants.
Glaucineopioidhabit-formingdepressanttentativeAn alkaloid that is found in several different scpecies in the Papaveraceae family. It has antiinflammatory and antitussive effects. Can also be referred to as Yellow Horned Poppy.
Glutethimidedepressanthabit-formingIs a hypnotic sedative that was introduced in 1954, as a "safe" alternative to barbiturates to treat insomnia. Anecdotally long term use has had effects similar to withdrawal, while still on a stable dose of the drug.doriden,elrodorm,noxyron,glimid
Halazepambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantA less common prescription benzodiazepine and derivative of Nordazepam. Also known as Paxipam, it is no longer prescribed in the USA. Sedating, hypnotic and anxiolytic. High doses may induce amnesia and lowered inhibitions.paxipam
HDEP-28stimulantresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingMost likely a TRI, such as HDMP-28, short history of human use.ethylnaphthidate
HDMP-28stimulantresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingAlso commonly known as methylnapthidate. A functional stimulant similar to methylphenidate but with a longer duration. Not especially recreational.methylnaphtidate
Heroinopioidhabit-formingdepressantcommonA powerful opioid derived from Morphine, with 2-4x its potency. Infamous for a high addiction potential and fatal respiratory depression in overdose, C. R. Alder Wright first synthesised this compound in 1874 trying to find a less addictive alternative to Morphine. In recent years, it has often been sold cut with the extremely potent fentanyl, causing a spike in overdose deaths.diamorphine
Hexedronestimulantresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingA rare mephedrone analogue also known as MACP, a cathinone stimulant with similar effects to pentedrone.
Hexententativestimulanthabit-formingresearch-chemicalA cathinone based stimulant. Hexen (aka Ethyl-Hexedrone) acts as an NDRI to produce it's effects, and as with most cathinones has a fast onset and short duration. This drug has very little history of human consumption and next to no research/data, and therefor should be treated with caution as a research chemical.ethyl-hexedrone,n-ethylhexedrone,hex-en,n-ethyl-hexedrone
Hexobarbitalbarbituratedepressanthabit-formingtentativeIs a barbiturate that was once used for inducing anesthesia for surgery. It has a very rapid onset, and a short duration of effects.
Homomazindolstimulanttentativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingA potent analogue of mazindol, a rare, atypical stimulant drug and appetite suppressant occasionally prescribed in cases of severe obesity.
Hydrocodonedepressantopioidhabit-formingdepressantcommonA codeine-derived opioid generally unheard of outside the United States. Generally mild in effects, used as an analgesic and cough-supressant. Sometimes used recreationally.vicodin,hydro
Hydromorphoneopioidhabit-formingdepressantAn opioid that is roughly 5x the potency of IV Morphine. Only comes in IR tablets in the US, and is given mostly as XR in other countries. It is frequently used in hospitals for short, but immediate pain relief during procedures requiring the patient to be awake. Also frequently used as a recreational opiate.dilaudid,diluadid
Indapyrophenidonestimulanttentativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingIndane analogue of Pyrophenidone, a NDRI stimulant with a short duration.
Isomethadoneopioidhabit-formingtentativedepressantOnce a pharmaceutical drug also known as isoamidone, this opioid analgesic and methadone analogue was withdrawn from the market and is seldom seen today. Rarely abused, though reports state it is around twice as potent as methadone, and more euphoric.
Isophenmetrazinestimulantresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingRare and little known analogue of phenmetrazine, which is slightly more potent than other analogues. Probably a stimulating, appetite supressing drug with high addiction potential. Potentially a dopamine and/or norepinephrine releasing agent.
Isopropylphenidateresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativestimulantIPPH (or incorrectly IPH) is a novel piperidine based methylphenidate analogue and NDRI stimulant, but comes with much less physical side effects.iph,ipph,ippd,ipp
Kannahabit-formingdepressantA South African plant containing numerous psychoactive alkaloids, including mesembrine and mesembrenone. The first written account of the substance was in 1662. The pharmacology of these compounds is poorly understood, but they are suspected to be serotonin uptake inhibitors and potentially monoamine releasers. Said to suppress appetite, produce mild euphoria and reduce anxiety.
Kavadepressanthabit-formingTropical evergreen shrub with large heart-shaped leaves and woody stems. Its thick roots are mashed or ground and made into a cold and bitter-tasting beverage used similarly to alcohol. It has a long history of ritual and recreational use in Pacific Polynesia and is now a common herbal product, used widely by those in certain societies as part of a 'Kava Culture.'
Ketaminedissociativehabit-formingcommonA short acting dissociative anaesthetic and hallucinogen commonly used in emergency medicine. It is the prototypical dissociative, and is widely used at sub-anesthetic doses recreationally. Small doses are comparable with alcohol, while larger doses are immobilising and lead to psychedelic experiences: the "K-Hole."k,ket,kitty,kittens
Ketazolamdepressanthabit-formingBenzodiazepine derivative that has most of the common benzodiazepine effects. Has been seen to have similar effectiveness when compared to Diazepam, with milder side-effects. Is marketed in few countries.
Ketobemidoneopioidhabit-formingdepressantAn opioid analgesic drug that also acts as an NDMA antagonist. Found to be as potent as morphine in physical side effects, and has high potential for addiction like all opioids do. Overdose may lead to respiratory depression/death. Do not mix with CNS depressants or stimulants. Caution should be used for asthmatic users.kbd
Khathabit-formingstimulantA shrub whose leaves contain Cathinone and Cathine, they are mostly chewed for the stimulant effect they provide. Very long history of human use.
Kratomopioidstimulanthabit-formingdepressantcommonA drug made out of the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa, which is related to coffee. Stimulating at lower doses, with opioid effects at higher doses. Frequent heavy use can cause physical addiction and withdrawals.
Libriumbenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantChlordiazepoxide, a medium-acting benzodiazepine drug prescribed mostly for sleep purposes. Sedative and hypnotic, it may cause lowered inhibitions and amnesia in high doses.chlordiazepoxide
Loprazolamdepressanthabit-formingIs an Imidazolobenzidazepine derivative that has all the classic benzodiazepine effects. Is usually only prescribed for a short amount of time for insomnia.dormonoct
Lorazepambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantcommonAn intermediate acting benzodiazepine commonly known as Ativan, commonly prescribed as an alternative to Xanax. Sedating, hypnotic and anxiolytic. Potential to induce amnesia and lowered inhibitions in overdose. Do not combine with other depressants.ativan
Lormetazepambenzodiazepinedepressanthabit-formingRelatively rare prescription benzodiazepine. Short acting with a short half life. Generally only seen in the Netherlands. Sedative, hypnotic and anxiolytic.noctamid
MBDBstimulantresearch-chemicaltentativeempathogenhabit-formingA rare entactogenic drug and analogue of MDMA possibly first synthesised by David Nichols. Potentially less potent than related drugs of its type. Sometimes referred to as a 'watered down MDMA.'eden,methyl-j
MBZPstimulantresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingA stimulant drug which is a derivative of BZP.methylbenylpiperazine
MDApsychedelicstimulantempathogenhabit-formingcommonA stimulant and empathogen. Similar to MDMA but typically produces more visuals than MDMA. Known to be more neurotoxic than MDMA, and is a minor metabolite of MDMA. Duration and onset similar to MDMA. The common Marquis reagent test cannot differentiate MDA and MDMA.
MDAIpsychedelicstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingempathogenA selective serotonin releasing agent which is rarely used without a stimulant to obtain desirable effects. Previously believed not to be neuruotoxic, however MDAI has been implicated in several lethal and non-lethal intoxications, and as such may pose more of a risk to health than previously believed.
MDMAstimulantpsychedelicempathogenhabit-formingcommonThe world's most popular empathogen with powerful pro-social effects. Has been strongly linked to cognitive decline in excess. Popular at parties, it is often sold in powder or in pills, and may be adulterated with other similar chemicals.molly,ecstasy,adam,xtc,mandy,x,md
MDOHstimulantpsychedelicresearch-chemicaltentativeempathogenhabit-formingAn entactogen, stimulant and psychedelic first synthesised by Alexander Shulgin, MDOH is an analogue of MDA. Described as highly psychedelic, it is likely a serotonin releasing agent. It has not seen widespread use, perhaps due to a number of reported negative side effects such as urinary retention and a heavy comedown.
MDPAempathogenresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeAn obscure substituted methylenedioxyphenethylamine with practically no history of human use. Its pharmacological profile is largely unknown, but potentially exhibits similar properties to other MDxx compounds. May be a monoamine releaser, reuptake inhibitor or both.methylenedioxyphenylacetamide
Mdphpstimulanttentativehabit-formingresearch-chemicalMDPHP aka 'Monkey-Dust' is a substituted cathinone and pyrovalerone which has been sold as an alternative to a-PHP and MDPV. Said to be less intense than MDPV with similar effects. MDPHP potency is said to vary widely, and there are reports of mixed composition batches containing other drugs. Very little is known about MDPHP in terms of toxicity, pharmacology and metabolism.monkey-dust
MDPVstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingMDPV is a potent, and extremely compulsive synthetic euphoric stimulant, which shares some empathogenic effects with MDMA. Has a reputation for causing psychosis. MDPV has been found in products sold as "bath salts", "plant food/fertilizer", and in some "ecstasy."bath_salts
Mebroqualonedepressantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeA short acting analogue of Methaqualone, that is much more potent.mbq
Meclonazepambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressanttentativeA benzodiazepine related to clonazepam discovered by Hoffman-LaRoche in the 1960s. Potentially useful in treating schistosomiasis. Has been sold on the grey market as a recreational drug but has not seen widespread popularity.
Medazepamdepressantbenzodiazepinehabit-formingBenzodiazepine derivative that has all of the classic benzodiazepine effects. Is a long-acting benzodiazepine drug (Half life of 36-200 hours) Is rarely prescribed in most countries. Is also a prodrug for Diazepam. Think of it as Desoxy-Diazepam if you'd like to.nobrium,azepamid,rudotel,raporan,mezapam,talis
Mephedronestimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingempathogenA shortlived euphoric stimulant, developed as an analogue of MDMA, which was extremely popular in the research chemical scene before being banned. Commonly seen on street markets but rarer online. Very strong urge to redose compulsively.4-mmc,meow,m-cat,4-methylmethcathinone,4mmc
4-MPMstimulantresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingempathogen4-Methylphenmetrazine is an empathogen of the phenylmorpholine class that seems to have a very rapid tolerance build up.4-mpm,4-methylphenmetrazine
Metaclazepamhabit-formingtentativedepressantA benzodiazepine derivative. Which is mostly an anxiolytic substance, without strong hypnotic properties that most benzodiazepines have. Its active metabolite is N-desmethylmetaclazepam, which is the main metabolite. Slightly more effective as an anxiolytic than Bromazepam.
Methadoneopioidhabit-formingdepressantcommonA synthetic opioid drug used as an analgesic and is often used in detoxification off of other opioids. As it has a much longer half-life.
Methamnetaminepsychedelicstimulantresearch-chemicaltentativeempathogenhabit-formingA selective serotonin releaser, which also shows some light psychedelic activity. Almost always taken with a stimulant, to cause euphoric effects.methylnaphetamine,mnt,n-methyl-pal-287
Methamphetaminestimulanthabit-formingcommonA fairly common and very strong CNS stimulant. It is sometimes prescribed in the form of desoxyn for ADHD and severe obesity. In low doses, methamphetamine can elevate mood, increase alertness, concentration, energy and reduces appetite. At higher doses, it can induce mania, psychosis and muscle degeneration among other issues. Tolerant users may report much higher doses than new users.meth,desoxyn,tik
Methaqualonedepressanthabit-formingA pharmaceutical depressant and sedative phased out due to the better safety profile of benzodiazepines, part of the Qualone group of substances. Now very rare, except in South Africa.ludes,quaaludes,qualudes,mandrax
Methedronestimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingBK-PMMA Closely related to PMMA and others. Stimulant.bk-pmma
Methoxphenidinedissociativeresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingA dissociative from the diarylethylamine class, a more potent analogue of diphenidine. Known to be unpredictable, and can cause blackouts.2-meo-diphenidine,methoxyphenidine,2-mxp,mxp
METHOXYACETYL-FENTANYLdepressantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingopioidA quite potent fentanyl analogue.maf,desfluoroocfentanil
Methoxyketaminedissociativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingAn arylcyclohexylamine drug and analogue of ketamine, though slightly less potent. Produces similar dissociative and anaesthetic effects. Very rare.2-meo-ketamine
Methylmethaqualonedepressantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingA more potent analogue of methaqualone with a short duration. Thought to be potentially neurotoxic. Has pro-convulsive effects.mmq
Methylmorphenatestimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeStimulant of the phenylmorpholine class, an analogue of Methylphenidate where the piperidine ring has been replaced by a morpholine one, with ~1/10 potency.
Methylonestimulantpsychedelicresearch-chemicalhabit-formingempathogencommonβk-MDMA is a cathinone stimulant and empathogen, similar in structure to MDMA, though more stimulating and less empathogenic in comparison. Was very commonly mis-sold as MDMA on the street until it was banned in 2013. The Marquis reagent can differentiate βk-MDMA from MDMA. Less potent than MDMA with a slightly shorter duration.bk-mdma,m1,mdmc
Methylphenidatestimulanthabit-formingcommonA psychostimulant commonly used in the treatment of ADHD, narcolepsy and obesity, particularly in the EU instead of Adderall. Methylphenidate is also a 5HT1A receptor agonist. Sometimes prescribed off-label to help the withdrawals from cocaine and other stimulants.mph,ritalin,concerta,biphentin
Methyprylondepressanthabit-formingtentativeSedative of the pipeidinedone family. Was used for treating insomnia, yet is rarely used today due to substances with fewer side effects, such as benzodiazepines.noludar
Metizolambenzodiazepineresearch-chemicaldepressanthabit-formingtentativeAlso known as desmethyletizolam, a thienodiazepine similar in effects and structure to etizolam, but around half as potent and with around a 60% longer half-life. A sedative, and hypnotic, it may cause amnesia and lowered inhibitions in excess.metiz,desmethyletizolam
Mexazolamdepressanthabit-formingBenzodiazepine derivative that has been trialed for anxiety and was found to be effective for anxiety at one week week follow-ups yet after three weeks it had lost its therapeutic anxiolytic properties and becoming no more effective than placebo.melex,sedoxil
Mexedroneempathogenstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeMexedrone is a stimulant drug of the cathinone class. It alters the reuptake of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine to cause euphoria, and is similar in effects to mephedrone. It is considered a designer drug and is in a legally grey area globally.4-mmeoc
Midazolambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantA common hypnotic, sedative and anxiolytic benzodiazepine. High doses may cause amnesia and loss of inhibitions. Unusually, it is water soluble, and commonly used as a premedication for sedation as the solubility makes it better for IV use than other benzodiazepines.
MK-801dissociativeresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingDissociative research chemical similar to PCP, and Ketamine. Dizocilpine, also known as MK-801, is a non-competitive antagonist of the NMDA receptor.dizocilpine,mk801
Modafinilstimulanthabit-formingnootropiccommonA wakefulness promoting, long acting stimulant which is typically only used functionally, because there is no real euphoric component to its effects. Also prescribed for daytime sleeping disorders.provigil
Morpheridineopioiddepressanthabit-formingtentativeIs a 4-Phenylpiperidine derivative that is related to Pehidine. It is roughly 4x as potent as the parent compound, does not cause convulsions such as Pethidine.
Morphineopioidhabit-formingcommondepressantThe prototypical opioid drug, a powerful analgesic with euphoric qualities, found in the seeds and wax of the plant papaver somniferum (opium poppy). First isolated by Friedrich Sertürner in 1805, named for its sleep-inducing qualities. Do not combine with other depressants, may cause dangerous respiratory depression in overdose.
MPAstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingAn analogue of methamphetamine with effects close to amphetamine. Some users report negative side effects including stomach discomfort and sweating. Acts as a selective NDRI.methiopropamine
MT-45opioidresearch-chemicalhabit-formingdepressantA synthetic opioid drug that was rumoured to be roughly 80% the potency of Morphine orally. Was created by Dainippon Pharmaceutical in the 1970's. It has been used as a lead compound for the design of related substances. It has been associated with hearing loss and hair loss. Structurally unrelated to most other opioid drugs. Treat with caution, especially long term use.ic-6,mt45
MXEdissociativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingA popular dissociative drug which is an analogue of ketamine, though less sedating and more potent by weight, with a subjectively more 'complicated' set of effects.methoxetamine,3-meo-2'oxo-pce
MXMdissociativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingAn arylcyclohexamine, dissociative and anaesthetic closely related to methoxetamine, ketamine and PCP. It has seen some popularity among RC users, being advertised as an MXE replacement after its illegalisation in many parts of the world - however, users report a more stimulating experience closer to those caused by PCP and its analogues.methoxmetamine
Naphyronestimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingA drug derived from pyrovalerone which acts as a TRI, producing stimulating effects. Had been sold in a blend called "NRG-1" Little information exists about the safety profile of this drug.
NEBstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingN-Ethylbuphedrone, an uncommon substituted cathinone. First appeared around 2011 but has not become popular. Effects should somewhat resemble other cathinones generally. Short-acting stimulating with more dopamine action than serotonin.n-ethylbuphedrone
Nicomorphineopioiddepressanthabit-formingtentativeOpioid agonist that is 2-3x the potency of Morphine. Is used in few countries. Rapid onset of effects, due to the increased lipid solubility.
Nicotinehabit-formingnootropiccommonA chemical found in tobacco, aubergines and tomatoes which is considered one of the most addictive drugs in existence. It is a mild stimulant, with stress relieving effects. It is widely used in the form of cigarettes, the use of which carries a high risk of causing cancer or heart issues over time. Increasingly, it is 'vaped' as a purportedly safer alternative to smoking.
Nifoxipambenzodiazepineresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativedepressantAn uncommon and relatively new RC benzodiazepine, and metabolite of the hypnotic benzodiazepine flunitrazepam. Little information about the pharmacological properties of this drug exists. Likely to be a strong sedative and hypnotic.
Nimetazepambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantA pharmaceutical benzodiazepine with hypnotic and sedative effects. Rarely seen in the West but reportedly very frequently abused in Malaysia.erimin
Nitemazepambenzodiazepinedepressanthabit-formingtentativeA new RC benzodiazepine based off the chemical structure of Nimetazepam. It is relatively new and not many experience reports exist on it. It is expected to feel similar to temazepam.3-hydroxynimetazepam
Nitracainestimulanttentativehabit-formingAn analogue of dimethocaine with local anaesthetic and stimulant properties, marketed in the RC scene as a Cocaine replacement. Has not seen widespread popularity.
Nitrazepambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantHypnotic Benzodiazepine, that is used for short term relief of anxiety and insomnia. It has a pronouced affect on respritory action.mogadon,baronite,dormin,dreem,enzed,gentravit,hypnonex,hypnoril,hypnotex,konit,nicare,nigap,nipam,nirosun,nitavan,nithra
Nitrazolambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressanttentativeHypnotic benzodiazepine that is the triazolo analogue of Nitrazepam and about 4x more potent compared to the parent compound. Also the dechlorinated derivative of Clonazolam with roughly 1/10 potency.
N2Odissociativehabit-formingcommonNitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, often inhaled through balloons filled with canisters of the gas.. A short-acting dissociative inhalant with strong visual, mental and auditory effects. Extremely popular especially in combination with other drugs.laughing_gas,n20,n2o,nos
Chloral hydratedepressanthabit-formingChloral Hydrate, a sedative drug discovered in 1832 with a history of recreational use going back to the 19th century. Sometimes prescribed for extreme insomnia. For such an old drug, relatively little is known about its long-term term effects on the body. Produces intoxication comparable to alcohol or benzodiazepines.chloral-hydrate,aquachloral,somnos
Nordazepambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantHas all the normal benzodiazepine effects. Such as being an anti-convulsant, muscle relaxant, sedative effects, and anxiolytic. Active metabolite of Diazepam, Chlordiazepoxide, Clorazepate, among many others, which is where most of its effects come from. Has one of the longest lasting half-lifes in the class.nordaz,nordiazepam,desmethyldiazepam
Norflurazepambenzodiazepinedepressanttentativehabit-formingBenzodiazepine analogue that is an active metabolite to many other benzodiazepines, such as Flurazepam, Flutoprazepam, and Midazolam.n-desalkylflurazepam
O-Desmethyltramadolopioidresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativedepressantA opioid analgesic which is the main active metabolite of Tramadol. Alone, it is a few times more potent than Tramadol and has additional affinity for δ and κ-opioid receptors. Has proven popular when sold, but these occasions have been rare due to patent rights.odt,o-smt,o-dsmt
O-PCEdissociativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeDissociative of the Arylcyclohexylamine class. Structurally related to Deschloroketamine.2'-oxo-pce,eticyclidone,opce,2-oxo-pce
Opiumopioidhabit-formingdepressantcommonOpium is a naturally occurring analgesic harvested as a latex from ripe Papaver somniferum (opium poppy) pods. The sap of the poppy plant primarily contains codeine and morphine with the amounts varying by plant, which can be made into a tea and consumed raw, or further processed.O
Oxazepambenzodiazepinedepressanthabit-formingA prescription benzodiazepine with intermediate duration and half life. A sedative and hypnotic which may cause lowered inhibitions and amnesia in higher doses.serax
Oxazolamdepressanthabit-formingA benzodiazepine derivative that is a prodrug for desmethyldiazepam.
Oxycodoneopioidhabit-formingdepressantcommonA semisynthetic opioid analgesic developed in 1917, prescribed primarily for pain management. It has become extremely popular as a recreational drug in some areas, and carries a high potential for addiction. Reported as being a little more 'stimulating' than other opioids.oxy,oxycontin,percocet,oxynorm
Oxymorphoneopioidhabit-formingdepressantA powerful semisynthetic opioid analgesic also known as opana. A derivative of morphine it is approximately ten times as potent. Has a low oral bioavailability, and as such it is usually insufflated or taken rectally.opana,stopsigns
Pagoclonedepressanthabit-formingtentativeresearch-chemicalAn anxiolytic drug related to zopiclone with no sedative or hypnotic qualities. Has been investigated as a possible alcohol replacement. Related in structure and effect to Zopiclone and Zolpidem.
Dextromoramideopioidhabit-formingdepressantDextromoramide, a rare and powerful opioid analgesic approximately three times as potent as morphine with a shorter duration. Generally only seen in the Netherlands. Reported as having strange and rapid tolerance behaviour.dextromoramide
4-Fluorobutyrfentanylopioidresearch-chemicalhabit-formingdepressantRare, little known and extremely potent RC analogue of Fentanyl. This powerful opioid is generally only dispensed as a nasal spray. Handle with extreme caution and never mix with other depressants.pfbf,4-fluorobutyrfentanyl,4-fbf
Parafluorofentanylopioiddepressanthabit-formingtentativeRare, little known and extremely potent analogue of Fentanyl developed by Janssen Pharmaceutica in the 1960s. Use with extreme caution and never mix with other depressants.pff,4-fluorofentanyl
PCEdissociativetentativehabit-formingEticyclidine (PCE) is a Dissociative anesthetic that has hallucinogenic effects. Slightly more potent than Phencyclidine.eticyclidine
PCPdissociativehabit-formingA strong dissociative drug. PCP works primarily as an NMDA receptor antagonist. Also referred to as "wet" or "angel dust". Best known for stories of the strange and sometimes violent behaviour of those under its influence, though it is likely these are only in overdose cases.angeldust,phencyclidine,angel,dust,angel_dust,wet
Pemolinestimulanthabit-formingA stimulant of the 4-oxazolidinone class. Was used as a medication for ADHD and Narcolepsy, yet was pulled from most markets due to liver failures among children.
Pentazocinehabit-formingdepressantopioidA synthetic opioid used as an analgesic. It is only used IM and IV in the medical field and has respiratory depressant effects. It is pregnancy category C and schedule IV in the US.talwin
Pentedronestimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingA potent NDRI cathinone-type stimulant with more-ish effects but not thought to be especially enjoyable.
Pentobarbitaldepressanthabit-formingbarbiturateA CNS depressant drug that is of the barbituate class. Typically not used often as it is easier to OD on than benzodiazepines, the new alternative to barbituates. Used often for insomnia, to cause sedation.nembutal,novopentobarb
Pentylonestimulantpsychedelicresearch-chemicalhabit-formingA stimulant, empathogen and substituted cathinone. It was first synthesised in the 1960s, and re-appeared on the research chemical scene in 2010. Still, very little is known about the pharmacology or effects of this compound.4-meppp,bk-mbdp,bk-methyl-k
PFBTstimulanthabit-formingtentativeresearch-chemicalTropane derivative substance that supposedly has around ~30% the potency of Cocaine as a stimulant. While also having properties of a local anasthetic.4-fluorotropacocaine
Phenazepambenzodiazepineresearch-chemicalhabit-formingdepressantA very long acting, potent and subtle benzodiazepine. Infamous for the calamitous experiences it tends to produce in people dosing unknown amounts. Prescribed in certain countries for epilepsy and alcohol withdrawal.
Phenetrazinestimulanthabit-formingtentativeA rare phenethylamine stimulant related to 3-FPM. Virtually nothing is known about the pharmacology or effects of this compound but it is likely to have similar properties to other stimulants of its type. Not to be confused with phenmetrazine.
Phenibutdepressantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingnootropicA derivative of GABA with the addition of a phenyl ring which allows it to cross the Blood Brain Barrier. Is mostly used as an anti-anxiety and anti-insomnia medication. Tolerance and physical dependency builds very quickly.
Phenmetrazinestimulanthabit-formingStimulant drug that was previously used as an appetite suppresant, has been withdrawn from the market, due to concerns of abuse and addiction. Usually produces less nervousness, euphoria, and insomnia than drugs of the amphetamine family. Also as a study concluded, it is slightly more effective than dextroamphetamine as a weight loss agent.preludin
Phenobarbitaldepressanthabit-formingbarbiturateCNS depressant that is used mostly for insomnia (In older patients) and epliepsy (in younger patients) And it a very strong narcotic, that can be taken most ways. It's used less as "safer" alternatives have been made (Benzodiazepines).pheno,phenobarbitone,luminal
Picamilonnootropicdepressanthabit-formingAn analogue of GABA that does pass the brain blood barrier, which is then hydrolyzed into GABA and Niacin. In which the GABA could produce an anxiolytic effect. The Niacin as a vasodilator. And is usually used as part of a nootropic stack.
Pinazepambenzodiazepinedepressanthabit-formingBenzodiazepine that is solely an anxiolytic drug that lacks the hypnotic and motor impairment that most benzodiazepines do. The main metabolite of this is Nordazepam and to a lesser effect Oxazepam, which is where it gets most of its effectsdomar
Ethchlorvynoldepressanthabit-formingSedative Hypnotic medication made in the 50's. It was used for short term help for insomnia (No longer than two weeks)placidyl,ethchlorvnol
Prazepambenzodiazepinedepressanthabit-formingBenzodiazepine dervative. Has all the normal benzodiazepine-like quality (Anxiolytic/anticonvulsant/sedative/Skeletal muscle relaxant) It is also a prodrug for Desmethyldiazepam which is responsible for most if not all of the effects of Prazepam.centrac,centrax,demetrin,lysanxia,pozapam,prasepine,prazene,reapam,trepidan
Pregabalindepressanthabit-formingcommonPregabalin (Lyrica) is a GABA derivative that is used to treat neuropathic pain and seizures, as well as anxiety.lyrica,pregablin
Prolintanestimulantresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingA stimulant drug which is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, related to MDPV and Pyrovalerone. It was first developed in the 1950s, and has seen some light usage in rave culture, though it remains relatively uncommon. Believed to have a relatively forgiving safety profile.catovit,promotil,villescon
Propofoldepressanthabit-formingA very short acting sedative that is usually given at the start of general anesthesia, and for maintenance of the prior. It should never be used outside of a medical setting. With that in mind, if you do plan to use this drug recreational, please have a very experienced friend with you that has the skills to insert a cannula, and monitor you very closely.milk-of-amnesia,diprivan
Propoxypheneopioiddepressanthabit-formingIs an analgesic in the opioid family. It is intended for mild pain and for its antitussive effects. Has been taken off the market in Europe and the US due to concerns of fatal overdoses and heart arrhythmias.
Propylhexedrinestimulanthabit-formingcommonA relatively common CNS stimulant sold over the counter in benzedrex inhalers.benzedrex,propylhexadrine,hexahdromethamphetamine
Propylphenidatestimulantresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingPropylphenidate is a short acting stimulant.pph
PSTopioiddepressanthabit-formingPoppy Tea can be made from poppy pods, stalks and seeds, and contains various opium alkaloids including primarily Morphine, as well as Codeine and others. There is great variation in Poppy Tea potency and therefor doses are indicated for opioid naive users.poppy-seed-tea,poppy-tea
PV-8stimulantresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingStimulant of the pyrrolidinophenone class that is a higher homologue of α-PHP and generally less potent and less effective.a-phpp
Pyrazolambenzodiazepineresearch-chemicalhabit-formingdepressantRC benzodiazepine discovered by Hoffman-LaRoche in the 1970s. Came to the RC market in the early 2010s. At lower doses it is mainly an anxiolytic compound, yet at higher doses can be quite sedating, hypnotic, amnesic, and can cause loss of inhibitions. Structurally similar to Alprazolam, Bromazepam, and Triazolam. Is 12x as potent as Diazepam.
Pyrophenidonestimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeAn NDRI pyrovalerone derivative reported to have very similar subjective effects. Virtually no information exists about this drug's effects in humans.
Quazepambenzodiazepinedepressanthabit-formingBenzodiazepine derivate drug, noral is prescribed for short term treatment of insomnia, and sleep maintenance. its MOA is very similar to Ambien and Sonata and substitutes for those in animal studies.doral
Rilmazafonebenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantUnique to Japan, this drug, also known as Rhythmy, is a benzodiazepine pro-drug which while inactive itself, is metabolised into the active compound in-vivo. Soluble in water.rhythmy
Rolicyclidinedissociativeresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeRolicyclidine, also known as PCPy, is a dissociative with effects similar to PCP. While this dissociative anesthetic has hallucinogenic and sedative effects, it is said to be much less stimulating than PCP. In this sense it is more similar to opioids, or other central nervous system depressants.pcpy
Ronlaxdepressanthabit-formingA benzodiazepine derivative that posses the standard benzodiazepine effects. It has a very long half life (51-103 hours) it metabolizes into an active compound. (Descarboxyloflazepate) Is sold in Mexico.ethyl-loflazepate,meilax,victan
RTI-111stimulantresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingStimulant of the Phenyltropane class that acts as a SNDRI. Presumably it will have a slightly slower onset and bit longer duration than its parent compound Cocaine. Yet being the Tropane analogue of 3,4-CTMP.dichloropane
Secobarbitaldepressanthabit-formingbarbiturateA Barbiturate derivative that possesses all the classic effects of todays Benzodiazepines, and the old Barbiturates. It's used in the treatment of Epilepsy, short term treatment for insomnia, and a preoperative medication for anaesthesia and anxiolysis for short surgical/diagnostic/therapeutic procedures.seconal
Sonatadepressanthabit-formingcommonSedative-Hypnotic of the nonbenzodiazepine from the Pyrazolopyramide class. It is used mostly for short term insomnia.zaleplon
Sufentanilopioiddepressanthabit-formingAn synthetic analgesic drug that is roughly between 5-10x the potency of it's parent drug, (Fentanyl); It's use is very contained to surgery and post-operative pain.
Sulbutiaminetentativestimulanthabit-formingsupplementA thiamine derivative nootropic and stimulant drug. Caution should be used as sulbutiamine reduces dopamine output over time with consistant usage.sulbut,arcalion,enerion,bisibuthiamine,youvitan
Tapentadolopioidhabit-formingdepressantAn opioid analgesic drug with potency somewhere between tramadol and morphine, and with a similar action to Tramadol. Also an adrenergic reuptake inhibitor. High addiction potential. Potential for respiratory depression in overdose. Should not be combined with depressants or stimulants.
Temazepambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantTemazepam's brand name is Restoril. It is a hypnotic benzodiazepine with effects similar to clonazepam, frequently prescribed as a sleep aid. Some users report mild euphoria alongside the hypnotic effects.restoril
TETRAHYDROFURAN-FENTANYLopioidhabit-formingdepressantresearch-chemicalAn analogue of fentanyl that is unknown in literature. Is most likely less potent than most other analogues. Yet very few reports are around. Be careful.thf-f,thff
Tetrazepambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantA benzodiazepine that has most of the properties of more common benzodiazepines. Yet was taken off the market in 2013. Has been noted to be more euphoric than most others.
TH-PVPtentativeresearch-chemicalstimulanthabit-formingA pyrovalerone stimulant related to a-PVP and naphyrone. Very little information about effects or safety profile, virtually no evidence of human use.
Thiopentalbarbituratehabit-formingdepressantBarbiturate that kicks in very quickly, that is used to Anesthesia, Medical induced comas among other things.
Thiopropaminestimulanthabit-formingresearch-chemicalA substance that is closely related to Methiopopramine (MPA). Is roughly about 1/3rd the potency of amphetamine, differs from amphetmine from the phenyl ring is switched with a thiophene ring.tpa,normethiopropamine,a-methyl-2-thipheneethanamine
Tianeptinehabit-formingdepressantopioidA Tricyclic antidepressant, that has quite unique pharmacological properties than others in its class. Such as the possible indirect action on NMDA/AMPA and a full agonist at the μ-opioid receptor. While abuse of this substance is uncommon, it has been shown in a few countries.
Tiletaminedissociativeresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingA relatively rare dissociative anesthetic, pharmacologically classified as an NMDA receptor antagonist. It is related to other anesthetics in this family such as Ketamine and phencyclidine. Has been used to cut Ketamine, in which case it may cause additional nausea. In Veterinary practice it is mixed with Zolazolam, a potent anaesthetic at a 1:1 ratio.telazol
Tilidineopioidhabit-formingdepressantSynthetic opioid, used mainly for treatment of moderate to severe pain. In some countries it's mixed with Naloxone to lower the abuse liability. Though in some only Tilidine. Roughly 0.2 - 1 on the potency scale to Morphine. (So 20mg's of Morphine to 100mg's Tilidine)tilidate,tilidin,valoron,valtran
Tolibutdepressanthabit-formingresearch-chemicaltentativeAnalogue of GABA, and the 4-methyl analogue of Phenibut. Has similar effects, acts on GABA(B).
Tramadolopioidhabit-formingdepressantcommonA synthetic opioid analgesic, tramadol is used to treat moderate pain and can be considered a medium-strength opioid. Tramadol also has the unusual effect of being a serotonin releasing agent and a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, and as a consequence should not be taken in excess due to the risk of serotonin syndrome. Risk of seizures above 300mg doses.tram
Triazolambenzodiazepinehabit-formingdepressantAn uncommon and very short acting benzodiazepine. Sedating and hypnotic, and may induce amnesia and lowered inhibitions at high doses.halcion
Troparilstimulantresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingA stimulant and dopamine reuptake inhibitor developed in the 1970s, it is frequently used in scientific research but has seen little usage outside of the lab. Similar effects to cocaine, though much longer and without any local anaesthetic action. Probably hard on the nose.
Tuinalbarbituratedepressanthabit-formingBrand name of a combination drug of two barbiturate salts (Secobarbital/Amobarbital) in equal amounts. It was introduced in the late 1940's.tuinol,chirstmas-trees,rainbows,beans,nawls,jeebs
U-47700opioidresearch-chemicalhabit-formingdepressantA µ-opioid receptor agonist that is related to AH-7921. Having a very short duration.u47700
Valerylfentanylopioiddepressantresearch-chemicaltentativehabit-formingOpioid that is a higher homologue of Butyrfentanyl with greatly reduced potency.vf
Vyvansestimulanthabit-formingcommonAlso known as lisdexamphetamine, this drug is a CNS stimulant often prescribed for ADHD, narcolepsy and obesity. It is also a pro-drug for dextroamphetamine, and functions as a method for providing extended-release stimulation. It is sometimes prescribed alongside an SSRI for depression.lisdextroamfetamine,lisdextroamphetamine,lisdexamphetamine,lisdexamfetamine
W-15opioidresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativedepressantA potent opioid that is 5.4x more potent than Morphine. Has a distinct structure unrelated to nearly all other opioid compounds.
YERBA-MATEcommonstimulanthabit-formingnootropicIs marketed for its ability to suppress appetite and burn fat. Yet only with high doses. It has a quite high ratio of caffeine. It has anti-inflammatory properties.
Zolazepambenzodiazepinedepressanthabit-formingA substance that is structurally related to benzodiazepines. Is only used in Veterinary medicine. It is usually used in tandem with either the potent NMDA antagonist Tiletamine (at a 1:1 ratio) or with the α2 adrenergic receptor agonist Xylazine. Is roughly around four times the potency of Diazepam. Yet is water soluable.
Zolpidemdepressanthabit-formingcommonCommonly prescribed for insomnia, Ambien (zolpidem) can cause realistic hallucinations similar to those of deliriants, and is very likely to cause amnesia at higher doses. Take care when using this drug, as it tends to lower inhibitions to a level which causes the user to do things they might not normally do when sober.ambien,stilnox
Zopiclonedepressanthabit-formingcommonA nonbenzodiazepine sedative sleep aid (Z-drug), which can have hallucinogenic effects if taken while awake. Often causes users to have a metallic taste in the mouth for ~12h. Has been reported in some cases to cause certain users to black out, redose excessively and undertake dangerous activities such as driving.imovane,zimovane
α-PBPstimulantresearch-chemicalhabit-formingtentativeStimulant that is the homologue between α-PPP and α-PVP.a-pbp,alpha-pbp

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