5-HTPcommonsupplementThe precursor to serotonin. In some countries it is sold OTC as a supplement for mood stabilisation and insomnia. It is frequently used as a recovery supplement following the use of MDMA or any other drug that depletes serotonin. Do not mix this drug with anything serotonergic, as this can cause serotonin syndrome.5htp,5-hydroxytryptophan,tryptophan,l-tryptophan,oxitriptan
AshwagandhadepressantsupplementcommonIs an Adaptogen. It is commonly used for its ability to prevent anxiety. It also is helpful in relieving insomnia. It's name means "Smell of Horse" due to its smell and the traditional belief that ingesting the this herb will give you the strength and virility of a horse.
GABAdepressantsupplementGamma-Aminobutyric Acid. Supplement used in calming some down. Does not pass the brain blood barrier.
L-THEANINEcommonsupplementAn Amino acid that is structural similar to Glutamine. Most report it as a relaxing agent without much sedation. Most commonly found tea. Usually mixed with Caffeine.theanine
MelatoninnootropiccommonsupplementA naturally occurring hormone produced in the body, which promotes sleep at certain times in the day based on the circadian rhythm. It is also commonly available as a drug to treat insomnia and promote a proper sleep cycle. It can be used to promote sleepfulness at the tail-end of drug experiences, though it is not particularly hypnotic.
PhenethylaminesupplementnootropicOrganic compound, which is a name of a class of chemicals that are quite well known for psychoactive and/or stimulant effects. Normally not used as a supplement as it is rapidly broken down into inactive compounds. Is found in many foods.pea
Sulbutiaminetentativestimulanthabit-formingsupplementA thiamine derivative nootropic and stimulant drug. Caution should be used as sulbutiamine reduces dopamine output over time with consistant usage.sulbut,arcalion,enerion,bisibuthiamine,youvitan

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